This morning on our walk, I was thinking of how different my two dogs are.
Blue dog was a rescue from someones backyard in Philadelphia. I don’t know the details of his previous life, but I paid 100 dollars to the rescue organization for his shots and for him to be neutered.

I had whippets growing up. I love the breed and once I met Blue it was LOVE at first sight….at least for me:).

Blue dog threw up on me about three times on our 1 hour drive back to Maryland. I had a big ‘ole truck and it really didn’t matter to me. I bet he didn’t go for many car rides in his previous life. I was living on a farm at the time, where I was renting an apartment above a garage. It was about 500 sq feet with me, dave, (previous boyfriend), gretel, blue dog and frisco.

When we arrived home, Dave motioned over to Blue to meet him, Blues whole body shook and he just peed everywhere. God only knows what his life was like before I adopted him. He had/has scars on his ears and parts of his body. 10 years later, friends can’t touch his ears or else he yelps. It’s a little sad how dogs just don’t forget…

When ever, I talk about Blue, I get a little choked up. I just love him so much. And I have never had an animal love me as much as this dog loves me. I swear this dog thinks that I gave birth to him.

Blue occasionally gets in trouble. But he doesn’t get punished. I have raised my voice a few times with him, however, he gets so distraught, he cries. It just breaks my heart.

Blue, before his senior years, was an incredible runner. Joanna and I used to ride our mountain bikes during the winter months in B-More going about 10 mph (about 6′ pace)for 3 hours with Blue dog in tow. He was amazing!

Blue is also a follower. He used to follow my Gretel around everywhere. When Gretel was stolen, he was so sad and he wouldn’t even want to go for walks. Now he has Luna Lovato. He loves being bossed around by his 12 pound sister. Despite being bigger, faster, and a male dog, he enjoys being the “beta” dog.

Luna, my other little love was bought from a farmer on a Nebraska ranch. After gretel was stolen, I needed a friend for Blue. At first Luna was completely rejected by Blue, however, it wasn’t long before Blue was following Luna around.

Luna, while very cute, is a VERY spoiled. She has never had a hard life. Not only that, but she has short dog syndrome too. She is the BOSS…or at least she thinks she is the BOSS. Her and Frisco have it out sometimes, but Luna is a manipulator and usually gets her way. She is fairly aggro about her food and she constantly steals Frisco’s food and Blue doggies treats. And she sometimes threatens Blue dog while he is eating forcing him to give up his food to her. She is very naughty! When Luna gets in trouble, she doesn’t care….which is why I bought a training collar from JT. Sometimes, when she is in trouble, she looks at me like: “what are ya going to do about it”? She tests me regularly. She has never been hit and she knows I would never hit her. In fact, michael uses his best high pitched dog voice, using cuss words to let me know what Luna thinks of me:).

Luna is also a great runner. We can’t really take Luna on runs without Blue because he gets depressed. It sort of bums me out, because I know how much Luna loves to run, but I know how much it upsets Blue…I just can’t do it to him. However, when I take Blue for walks, Michael runs Luna. She does about 10 miles in 64 minutes…well at least that’s what she did with Michael in Austin…She is so tough and sturdy. Her athleticism never ceases to amaze me.

Anyway, I have two very special little dogs. And the next time I cross a finish line with my dogs and someone has something snide to say about it (Like they did when I crossed the line at Lubbock with L&B in tow, you can go fuck yourself. Some people love kids; I love dogs…