My husband never ceases to make me laugh. Even when he is “angry” because of being “uncaffeininated”, he is still funny…at least to me:).

Life has returned back to normal after arriving back home. There isn’t much to report. I think most of my friends are still afraid to ask me about the race…I haven’t gotten too many calls. HAHA! I have to say, much to even my surprise, that I am doing better than ever. I know for a fact that I did everything possible to have the best race possible. I hired the best of the best and I have the most knowlegeable support crew. However, my ironman problems are not due to nutrition, coaching, or even things that are in my control. I have GI issues that are out of my control and I have come to the realization that I have to see a real doctor that speacializes in Sports Medicine and GI problems. Thanks to Monique, I have found one and I plan on seeing him Tuesday. I think the only thing that I am a little scared about is the “uncomfortable” testing…YIKES!!!

In the meantime, I trying to not to make myself crazy by diagnosing myself anymore..hahaha! I am also trying to make sure that Michael gets back into his regular routine of training. ML is an extreme sleeper. When he is in heavy training mode, he can sleep up to 12 hours…YES!!!
When we are in heavy training, we are boring people. We go to bed in the 8pm hour. I usually wake up around 4 or 4:30am. I love the mornings. However, even though we go to bed at 8:30, ML can sleep until 9am…hahah! I am not even kidding. Another difference that ML and I have is that he needs a longer taper for an ironman. Because he has heavier muscle mass, it takes him a little longer to recover. In the beiginning of my racing career, it took me a long time to recover between workouts or races, however, now that I have about 11 years of racing and training under my belt, I need a lot less.

Ok…I can tell that this blog is getting a little boring. I’ll stop now. In the meantime, if you get a chance to pick up the book, Candy Girl: a year in life of an unlikely stripper, it is an entertaining read. It’s by the same woman who wrote JUNO…Very funny!!!
Over and out…