After Silverman, The Splish gang went to go see Madonna at the MGM!
And since seeing Madge in concert, I have been playing her CD, wearing my new wrist bands and sunglasses nonstop!!!!

While I admit, I’m not much of a concert person…(I just feel like the prices of concerts aren’t really worth being uncomfortably crammed next people. I’d much prefer to buy a song off of i-tunes)…..I loved seeing Madonna in concert. Her show was sick!…Sick is my term for awesome!!!! Before I knew it, I was up out of my seat dancing and singing along with the Material Girl for the entire two hour show! Madonna doesn’t have an opening act and she doesn’t do encores…after all, she is Madonna!
After watching her preform, it is hard to believe that she is 50 years old! I liken her body and her energy to Dave Scott. Her body is to die for! And some of the stuff that she was doing on stage was just acrobatic and awesome! Her energy was contagious as the entire arena was up out of their seats dancing and singing along!
As a little girl, I used to dance around our home, singing “like a virgin”, (even though I didn’t even know what a virgin was at the time). So I really appreciated it when she played lots of her oldies, but goodies that included “borderline”, “ray of light”, and “into the groove”. And, of course, she played some of her new stuff. Being a glutton to the marketing, I bought the CD, the coffee mug, the hard candy t-shirt, the heart shaped sunny’s, and of course the “sticky, sweet” wrist bands!. …haha! I have used all of them so far:)!!!
I love you Madonna!!!!