The last few days have been a bit hectic. I have been busy working hard to figure out my GI.

I was fortunate enough to get into see Dr. Chris Madden on Tuesday. Dr. Madden is a sports medicine doctor out of Longmont. He has raced Leadville a few times and he seems to really understand endurance sports. He was referred to me by Monique Ryan. In fact, one of the things I really like about him is that he is so positive and excited to help me.

After he listened to me (very important!), he made me a list of things to do. I am very good with a list as I enjoy being organized and checking items off one by one. In any case, the first thing on my list was to stop drinking gatorade with fructose…eegads! Despite Gatorade being totally fine in my training, he felt that the fructose was too hard on my GI. Ok…done. I can, however, drink the powdered gatorade. The second thing on my list was to start taking in Prilosec (OTC) for a 14 day treatment…ok done! Next, I was to take a probitoc that he suggested…done. The next thing he told me to do was to get an appointment with Dr. Dolan for a EGD (i’m not sure exactly what this is, however, I did it). Next on my list is to get my gallbladder untrasounded…(haven’t done this yet). Lastly, I need to see Dr. Madden for another follow up when I have checked off everything on my list.

So Wednesday I went in to Dr. Dolan’s office (yes, it is all happening so fast). In fact, Dr. Madden was very surprised that I was able to get in within a days notice without pulling any strings. In any case, I was “put under” for a brief time in Dr. Dolan’s office so that they could slide a hose down my throat (I guess this is the EGD) to examine what the heck is going on in my belly.

After the procedure was finished, I was extremely groggy. However, ML was there to hear the doctor talk about what is going on. The facts are that they found a hiatal hernia and that I suffer from GERD. If you don’t know what these things are, go to google. Dr. Dolan also took a couple of biopsies for evaluation.

So, it’s not the sort of diagnosis that they can do much about. No surgeries…thank god! But now that we have a diagnosis, we know what we are dealing with. We have a few more tips from Dr. Dolan too. He said that stress and nerves make everything more active. VERY INTERESTING!

Michael proudly told the doctor that he thought I got the hernia from sitting on the toilet, straining myself to take a dump…thank you ML…

In any case, I am going to have the gallbladder untrasounded sometime this week. I hopefully don’t have any little stones in there. I am keeping my fingers crossed for no more surgeries!

So…what’s up next? I thought briefly that I would be ready for Longhorn 70.3 in two weeks. However, my first priority is making sure that my GI is healthy. So I’ve nixed that idea. However, ML and I are racing a little sprint in Cherry Creek this weekend…that should be FUN!!!! Although I am a little afraid of freezing my ass off….