I am addicted….to facebook. I love it. I can’t describe it. It draws me in every morning, noon, and night.

My routine starts at 4:30 in the morning. I wake up, first I feed Frisco (note his weight), scoop the kitty poo, check e-mails, drink water, sip coffee. After I respond to all important e-mails, I take a break; cook the oatmeal and then it’s time for FACEBOOK! I have to limit myself in the morning or else I won’t get my ass to practice on time. One thing that I have learned about Siri, is that if you are a part of her team, you must never be LATE! I respect that.

I guess one of the reasons that I like Facebook so much is because I have found friends that I haven’t seen for at least 15 years…some even longer. I love being in contact with people I grew up with and went to school with…it’s really awesome!

The weird side, however, is the number of people who request to be “my friend”. I don’t get it…Why do people want to be “my friend” if they don’t even know me. This morning I had a request from someone to “be friends”. I always ask Michael if he knows the person. He seems to know everyone….According to Michael, my new friend request is a regular on SLOWTWITCH. (side not: Michael loves reading SLOWTWITCH and Blogs. It’s like his “people magazine”. He’s hard pressed to write a blog himself, however, he is a much better blog reader than I am).

I am always a little nervous to accept someone I do not know, however, Michael seemed to think that this guys was ok. His posts on Slowtwitch weren’t too radical and he wasn’t one of the people that accused me of having a huge pink penis last year. Both things…very important.

In any case, I am trying to cut back. Michael accused me of having another lover last night….facebook. That’s pretty bad when my cute, sweet husband is a little jealous of facebook.

Goal: Be more productive by not getting on facebook 5 times a day!

HAppy training!