I had a great training day today. My brother came up to Boulder again for the day and we decided to go for a ride together. To give you a bit of information on my brother…he is in the army. He is big and he is very tough. He bought his first triathlon bike about a year ago through e-bay. he loves triathlon and he loves supporting Michael and I. My brother is about 5’11″, 205lbs and his bike is 650 wheels. This isn’t something that I recommeded for him. My brother is by no means a “triathlete”. He does not swim and he doensn’t really run either…but he thought it would be cool to buy and ride a tri bike.
We started off pretty slow and I warned him that 3 hours can be a long ride. The first hour was effortless for him. He sped around corners, bombed decents, and had a great time. The second hour, Jarrod slowed down quite a bit. He wasn’t as eager to challenge me down hills and he wasn’t excited about leading. The third hour, Jarrod just put his head down and gutted through the final stages of the ride. It was extremely hard for him at the end. But he did it. And after it was all said and done, we did about 56 miles in 3 hours 10. Not bad for someone who has never ridden over 35 miles before!
Jarrods legs were jello at the end. However, after the ride, he was so fired up and so excited that he declared that he will start riding his bike more. That way he won’t feel as bad the next time! That’s my brother…very determined and very tough!