Warning: If you don’t like to hear about farts, poop, or other natural occurring bodily functions, DO NOT READ!
I am sure that if you read my blog semi-often, you have read about my poor digestive system that seems to be completely inefficient. It’s been doing a lot better since taking fiber pills and eating conscientiously and seeing doctor Steve on a more regular basis. However, despite running 5 days a week, riding 4 times a week and swimming (when I feel like it), I have gone 3 days now without a number 2. Usually when this happens, I don’t feel like I have to go. I’m not bloated. I just don’t “go”. Before I had an appendectomy, I thought this was semi-normal. And I thought only men poo-d 1-2 times a day. I thought that my sister, who poos 3 times a day and Michael, 9 times a day (yes!) were abnormal. Ha! The joke was on me!
Now that I am on heavy doses of fiber pills, my body is trying to make a poo or trying to push one out. So the past three days have been heavy farting days! I don’t mind my own farts, however, Michael and my dogs do. My farts are often and can sometimes last up to 20 seconds…maybe longer. It hurts to try to hold them in. So I let ‘em loose. Unfortunately, Luna left the bed last night to join Blue dog on the day bed outside of our bedroom. Michael passed out from the smell. I’m hoping for a good one (or rather a number 2) today so the farts will go away!!!!
Wish me luck!