It’s about 5:45am and I am the only one up. Michael is still in bed and Fred is actually out for a morning run with friends. I love this time of the morning. The house is quiet and I have my “quiet” time.
All is good with the Lovatos. Mikey is actually packing the car today to depart for Boulder tomorrow. I have decided to stay at Casa Fred’s through St. Croix. I’m really sad to not be with Michael for four entire weeks, but I think it will be good for me to not travel back to altitude before St. Croix. I learned a valuable lession last year whil preparing for IM AZ. I was traveling back and forth between San Diego and Boulder during my preparation. During my taper, my body was depleted and my iron levels were deficient. I just thought that every taper is different and that I was just experiencing something new. I wasn’t able to recognize the signals my body was giving me and I ended up really suffering during the race. I try to learn from my mistakes and implement new ideas and new tactics to improve myself when given the opportunity.
I haven’t really given a detailed race report from the weekend. However, I am happy to say that I was pleased witht he effort and I have felt a boost in my fitness just from the weekend. It was awesome to see Simon and Lisa Lessing and their two beautiful girls. We have really missed those guys. And it was really great to hang out with Andrea Fisher. Andrea and her husband, Jamie are opening their running store very soon and I am so exctied to see it!
I am doing a talk for the Danskin race at Jack and Adam’s this Sunday. I will be there between 2 and 4 . If you are in t he area, please stop by and say hello!
Happy training!