2 days ago it was a bit breezy and 60 degrees. It was pretty nice riding weather. ML and I had a lot going on that day as we are preparing for our trip to A-town. However, we put everything aside and ventured out for a ride. I love it when ML rides and runs with me. It seems like time just slows down and we really just enjoy each being with each other. We sometimes have our best talks during our rides together. Our runs together are a bit different as almost always he is doing intervals with me…there isn’t any talking during those times;).

Anyway, on Friday, we talked about our future together and what we think is in store for us in 2009. ML and I aren’t really big about making New Years resolutions. But, every day, I try to make a resolution on how to better myself. What I mean by bettering myself: It can be anything from being more patient with people, to not missing a workout that day. Every day is different from the next day. Today my goal is to conquer the snow:). We are having quite the snow fall right now and my inner voice is telling me…No, don’t do it!! Yes, I would rather skip my run…haha! But todays resolution is to conquer the snow..so as soon as I am finished drinking my tea, I’ll go for my run.

Only 2 days before ML and I leave for Austin. I believe it was 83 there yesterday. We are so looking forward to the change. I do believe that Boulder is in store for a mild winter this year. However, I am positive that there won’t be any 80 degree days until May:). We will, of course, miss our friends, our home, and Frisco. But we look forward to catching up with our buddies in Austin. And we really look forward to warmer winter days and sea level training:).

Here is a big Cheer for a PEACEFUL 2009.