Warning: If you have a problem with pubic hair, DO NOT READ!

If you are a frequent reader of my blog, then you have read my posts about Botox Pat or as I like to call him…Patty BO (AKA PAT EVOE). Like I have said before, I really like Pat. In fact, I consider him my firend. I like Pat because he isn’t sensitive and when I tease him or write about him, he doesn’t go off in in a corner to cry or get defensive or talk shit about me because I have supposedly hurt his feelings. He knows this is all in good fun. I find him entirely entertaining and I enjoy his friendship.
Pat is a single guy and he is trying to find a date. I have taken it upon myself to help him. Today we learned about hair hygiene.
Michael and I arrived at the UT swim center this morning. One of the things I just marvel about when I am there is the amount of happy, friendly people at 6am. To me, the worst thing other than getting out of bed in the 5am hour, is getting wet in a cold pool in the 6am hour. However, I LOVE the feeling of accomplishing a 90 minute swim session. When the workout is over, I am elated! In any case, this post isn’t about me, it’s about Patty BO.
One of the first people that I saw on deck this morning other than the life guard (giving the Lovatos a hard time (another post entirely)), was Patty. Patty marched right up to me in his tiny, little speedo and carefully shaven body…Well, almost carefully shaven body….Pat’s chest, back, stomach, and legs were shaven to perfection. His chest was smooth as a baby’s bottom. However, as Patty stood before us in his peacock pose with my eyes at speedo level, I noticed that he didn’t shave everywhere. His speedo had sideburns! I asked Pat, politely, if it would be appropriate for a woman to walk around with such sideburns. He didn’t seem to think that was appropriate at all. (Some of the women of Boulder may protest. However as triathletes, we all know hair is evil). Please note, I do not have a problem with men having hair or women having “hair”. But if you are trying to get a date and explain why your legs and chest are shaved, you shouldn’t leave patches. It’s all or nothing! No Amazon Forests PLEASE!!!!
I instructed Pat to go home and take care of “business” right after workout. I will have updates weekly on Patty’s progress.
Good luck to Pat!