The past 5 days since the race has been pretty good. Michael and I have spent a lot of our time getting our house together for the next house sitter (coming next Tuesday), tieing up lose ends with work, and recovering from the 70.3 race last Saturday.
Michael’s recovery has been amazing. He recovers so much faster that I do. He has been racing a lot longer than me and has about 10 more ironmans than I do under his belt!
Feeling rested and much better than the past few days, we did Dave’s swim workout today. Dave’s workouts are always intense. My body and mind seemed peppy and I thought I was up for the challenge of swimming hard for an hour. Even though in my mind I was recovered, my body told me otherwise. The warm up (50′s on 40, 45, 50, 12x) seemed effortless. I was even thinking about getting in front of the 3 girls in front of me as I was feeling confident and strong. However, this thought was short lived as we started our main set. After about 800 meters of the first set, I sat on the wall as my breathing was out of control. I wasn’t having an asthma attack, however, I just don’t think that my body was ready to push hard yet. After trying one more time to swim the intervals, I went to the end of the lane and swam easy, making sure that I stayed out of everyones way. (good swim etiquette is important).
After the workout, I asked Michael how his swim was. He said it was the best swim of the year. He feels really good and really recovered and is right on track for IMAZ. Sometimes I think Michael is super human. He can handle huge amounts of training and racing! Plus I think he is really smart about it too.
We still have ten days until race day and as Roch said last night on the phone, the time to feel peppy is next week! I can’t wait!