I’ve been having a ton of fun with my new video camera (courtesy and a BIG thanks to two unnamed great friends!). The only bummer is that Michael’s computer has very limited memory and quite frankly…is a piece of CRAP! So we have taken a lot of video that past few days, however, we have to re-shoot as we have been having “issues” uploading anything over two and half minutes. In any case, we look forward to sharing video from Austin, I especially look forward to sharing pictures of my new bike. It is totally AWESOME!!!
On another note, Michael has decided that buying me a new computer is a good idea. Thank goodness! (I guess the temper tantrums worked;). We have a very pretty dell blossom laptop on order with a lot of memory (thank you to Raphael and James for helping figure out what I need). Yippee!
So we have been in Austin for 2 full months now. We have had some up and downs. The ups been at least 3-4 SOLID weeks of training, hanging out at Jack and Adam’s, and seeing all of our friends here. The downs were me getting sick two times…YUCK….Michael was really sick once taking a lot of time to recover and get his body better. The unfortunate part is that Michael isn’t going to race Oceanside now:(. He is checking into whether or not he has to work the race now. So it looks like I will not be going…Sorry Mer:(. Everything happens for a reason…Just to let all of our friends and family know, we have decided to stay in Austin until April. We hope to start the drive back around the first. Oddly enough, we haven’t missed Boulder, however, we have missed our friends, namely Alex. He and Irena are the first people I plan on seeing when we arrive home. I can’t forget to give a shout out to my home-girls Kerrie, Brooke , Jen, and AC! I can’t wait to see you guys either! Love you guys! xoxox
More to report later…Thanks for reading!