I’m at 21 weeks and getting more round every day. Last week was the first time that someone outside my circle of friends asked how far along I was in my pregnancy. It was a good feeling to have someone think that I was pregnant …not just chubby. I feel “officially pregnant” now.


Unfortunately I still haven’t felt any kicks. Because the placenta is attached  to the front of my uterus, chances are that I may be waiting a while longer for those punches. I wish I could feel her moving around now!

Here is an update from the bump about our baby girl. She is the size of a Pomegranate this week…or the size of a carrot depending on if you want to go with a fruit or vegetable.

We are back from Costa Rica! Michael and I were down there to help host a camp for Race Quest Travel.  Michael’s Spanish along with his charm and ability to connect with people is incredible. He is awesome at his job!


Costa Rica never ceases to amaze me with it’s beauty. One of these days, I would love to go there for pleasure and enjoy some of the cool things that it has to offer.

Here are some photos from our trip:

Image Monkey!

Image IMG_3317


Michael’s race in Costa Rica was awesome to watch!!

1k swim, 100k draft legal bike, 10k run!

IMG_3329 Michael's race IMG_3332

I have been feeling pretty good since arriving home from Costa Rica. My energy is good and I am very busy. I don’t really have any weird pregnancy side effects aside from not being able to exercise-because of the hematoma (apparently it’s in a bad place and it is rather large). I am very lucky and it seems like just a small price to pay for the grand prize of a healthy little girl.

We are the middle of living in two homes. Michael and I just listed our old home this morning: You can check it out here. 90% of our furniture is still in our old house but we have the necessities in our new place…bed, dogs, ml, food…It will be nice to finally get settled and to start focusing more on baby girl.

I have been so grateful for all of the baby hand me downs that my friends have been so generous to give. I think I have enough newborn clothing for 3 newborns!

Next week I am meeting with a Doula to talk about what the hell happens in the delivery room. Apparently my doctor only arrives after crowning. ML and I will need a little additional support to help us through in case there is any unforeseen emergencies. I am really looking forward to meeting with her!

In the meantime, I have been having fun comparing profiles:

Check it!