I have been through minor emotional ups and downs this week. After hugging the porcelain god for two days and not being able to eat real foods for three days, my weight dropped five pounds. While I kinda wanted to lose about 2 pounds, 5 is too much. Losing this amount of weight in such a short time period not only screws with your ability to train effectively, but it screws with your hormones as well. It really sucked.
…Plus the hubby really did get sick two days after “thinking” he had the bugz. A sick hubby is no bueno. Yes, unfortunately ML had the BUGZ this week too. The bug left him 8 pounds lighter and EXTREMELY weak as well…UGH. At least we had each other to lean on…

Admittedly, I tried to do a bit too much the first two days. My first day, I tried to run. After running 9:10 pace for about an hour, with seizing legs, I knew my body was screwed. I was so dehydrated and my muscles were WEAK. After the run, my legs hurt so badly that while sitting on the couch and allowing them to hang over the ledge, my legs ached and throbbed so badly that I had to take Tylenol.

Hell, I couldn’t even swim the next day. I was getting lapped by my lane mates. Ugh…
After Tuesday, I just said f*ck it. I knew that I needed to stop trying to “force” my body to bounce back. Instead, I decided to wait for it to bounce back to me.
By Thursday I was able to eat all types of food again. And I could tell that my body was coming back to me. My weight was increasing and my energy was increasing. My appetite was back too. I was craving all sorts of food again and I had to start increasing my portions. My stomach had shrunk and I knew how important it was to stretch it out a bit.

Dede G. was doing a 100 miles on Saturday. I was optimistic that I could join her…at least for part of it. I wanted to give myself a little test. I rode with her for about 2 hours before I turned around, and did 2 more hours on my own. She pulled me around in a horrible head wind and it gave me a little opportunity to test out my legs. Honestly, my legs didn’t like the “test” very much. But I needed to sort of flush them out a bit. They didn’t “hurt” like earlier in the week…but they had that stale ache. Dede was awesome. It was the perfect effort. The ride wasn’t too hard, but the effort was “honest”. She really helped me flush my tight legs out!!

With no expectations on my 10k today, (With my 9:10 min miles on Monday and my 8:30 miles on Thursday, I thought 7′ pace would be a great effort for this 10k!), I went out to dinner with our dear friend Jason at Guero’s. Guero’s is famous for their Mexican food and margaritas! In any case, I ate all the foods that I would NEVER eat before a race…including 2 margaritas, 3 baskets of chips with Guacamole and salsa, Tortillas, plate-ful of veggies and rice….not to mention we went to Amy’s ice cream after dinner. ML and I were joking that I ate about 3000 calories in dinner alone! LOL! I promise you, I NEVER EVER do that!

I woke up this morning with a mild hangover…yes…no bueno! Again, with no expectations on myself to run super fast, I gulped a big Gatorade and ran with ML to the Cap 10k start line. I could tell during my warm up that my legs had taken a turn for the better. My legs felt fresh! I did a few strides and thought, I may be in for a goodie…but I also cautioned myself to not get too amped because I could blow up half way through with “sick” muscles.

As soon as the gun went off, I was off! I usually go hard for the first 100-200 meters to get in a “stride”. This helps me get my heart rate up and I eventually settle. My 100-200 meters felt effortless. I did panic a bit when I realized that Des wasn’t in front of me…lol! I didn’t want to blow within the first mile…LOL!

I was really pleased with the outcome. I was second to Desiree, I ran about 25 seconds off my PR. And my legs didn’t get that “sick” feeling until 5.5 miles.
This race was a gamble. It could have gone either way. I could have gone out there and suffered through a 40′ run, having to swallow my big fat ego. Luckily, it went the other way. I ran 36:12. This the fastest that I have run since 2004. And I’m stoked!

Lesson for the day: Sometimes when you start a race with a slight hangover, you will surprise yourself. Trust your body and go for it!