Feel the strength! (Doesn’t Luna look impressed:)

Feel the speed! (Actually Luna looks bored with me)

6 days out…and I am race ready!!!!

My tummy is finally feeling better…YES!!! Thanks to some powerful digestive enzymes and probiotics, I am feeling better than ever.
The good news is that coffee is NOT the culprit to my recent tummy problems. After all, I only have about a half a cup a day. Sadly, however, Diet Coke has been officially eliminated from my diet. After drinking the shit (and yes, I know it is shit) for about 18 years, I have finally said good bye to a dear friend.

The other tummy news is that I have realized that my body works extremely well with sugar. After all, my race food is clif bloks and gatorade. So after about a week of eating no sugar, I realized that was a stupid thing to do. I’m back on sugar…and I am better for it.

I am excited, happy, and totally enthusiastic. Two of my BFF’s are arriving in Madison on Friday to support and cheer for me. However, as I start packing my belongings, I realize that I am going to be missing four important people (yes, I said people)…Michael, Luna, Blue, and Frisky!

Michael: always working…


Blue: he’s a little camera shy…

I think every one knows what frisco looks like at this point….

So here are some of my favorite things that I will be bringing along to Madison…

Best coffee!

Monkey Brains: That should say it all!

Best racing flats…EVER!!!!

Hot lookin’ race suit!

I am feeling a great day coming my way…after all, I have paid my dues, I have focused…not only on my weaknesses, but on what works for me.
Lastly, I know in my heart that I have done everything in my power (including things that I wish I didn’t have to do) to have a great day Sunday!
Madison here I come!