For the past 2 weeks, ML and I have been planning to race the Crescent Moon Sprint Triathlon down in Cherry Creek. However, with the cooler temperatures in the morning recently, and me being in “vacation mode”, I just wasn’t motivated and I had become a bit reluctant. (I’m not much of a cold weather person). In any case, let’s just say ML had to drag me to Denver yesterday morning to do the race. However, once warmed up and ready to go, I felt more eager. Sometimes you just need a kick in the pants!

I don’t really remember much about racing as it was just so short….too short to think! However, I do remember being first out of the water…now that is a FIRST!:)

The race was really great, as usual…ML and I LOVE supporting Darren and Jill Eisman. They are amazing people and awesome race directors! And I have to admit, I love finishing a race by 9am:).

ML plans on writing a race report later today.

Today is a day off for ML…YAHOO! We plan on hanging out, walking the dogs, and just chillin‘. I think we may see a movie tonight. ML is in “movie mode”. We saw My Best Friends Girl last night. And I have to say, I LOVED IT…tons of cuss words, scenes that were embarrassing even to me. (I had to cover my face with my coat:)..hahaha! In any case, it is definitely an adult movie that was a lot of laughs!

Next up for me this week is Las Vegas….off to Interbike. Should be FUN!!!!