Here is a recap of the weekend….

ML was away this past weekend in Canada commentating for Canadian TV and working for NA sports during IM Canda.

I had a nice weekend of training which was capped off with a computer virus that I got on FACEBOOK…very annoying!!!! It started off innocently enough by me trying to open a video from my friend Chip. You see, the topic was, “i see your naked ass in this video”. I thought for sure my college days were coming back to haunt me. In any case, when I tried to open the video, the virus attacked my address book, sending a porn video out to everyone that was really a virus.
So if you are one of my “facebook friends” and you received a “porn” video from “me”, I did not send it to you. It is a virus. DO not open it!!! Jawad, computer dude extraordinaire, came over to work on my computer for about 5 hrs on Sunday…There wasn’t much internet watching last weekend of IM Canada. However, I was stoked to see my BFF, Bryan WIN!!! And I was excited to see Tracy have a great race and for Des to get her slot to KONA…yeah for them!

Mr. Shorts is finally home. Mr. Shorts is ML. We have little nicknames for each other…I am Mrs. Shorts…don’t ask….

Frisco (our 27 pound cat) is in major trouble (again). He pissed in Michael’s cycling shoes over the weekend…He is one bad pussy!!! He looked right at me and pissed on the shoe…ML doesn’t know about it yet. He’ll have to find out via my blog. In any case, I took care of the matter immediately with some good old fashion natures miracle and a hot sun. Now, there isn’t much of a smell…if any.

Since starting my taper and deleting sugar from my diet, my digestive issues have increased. (By the way, don’t give me any lame frickin’ advice on my comment board. If you don’t think I am already working on it, your crazy). Last week I was in quite a bit of digestive pain (gall bladder, lower intestine, etc.). I take probiotics and digestive enzymes. And I considered the food that I have been eating as it has not changed from the previous 6 months. However, at this point, after reading “”, calling Monique Ryan, and talking to Kelly at Nature Med, I have eliminated all carbonated beverages (including Diet Coke), coffee, alcohol, and all processed foods. Desperate times call for desperate measures. And as any of my friends can tell you, I like to eat food…and I like to eat a lot of it. Even though I have eliminated a lot of different foods from my diet in the past 7 months, including desert, potato chips, Bagels, powerbars, etc. I have now resorted to eliminating some of my favorites: Diet Coke and Coffee. Beware: I am an angry woman!!! LOL!
After this Ironman, I look forward to an ice cold Diet Coke with Salt and Vinegar Boulder Chips…my favorite foods! YUM!!!
Last thought on nutrition Michael was telling me that one of the pro women was talking about her race day nutrition on the bike during a discussion. As he repeated her, he commented that she ate 5 power bars, 4 gels, and about 300 plus liquid calories on the bike equalling about 2000-2300 calories. I have to admit…I am jealous. I eat about half of that and I still get nervous about acid reflux, the bloat, and indigestion…Everyone is so different. After all, ML can take in 700 calories per hour on the bike…I think it’s a talent!

IM Wisconsin: I am staying with the most awesome homestay ever….I am so lucky that I have a former Baltimore friend living in Madison. Roger and I have been friends for about 10 years. I used to date one of his roommates and he used to date my BFF, Theresa 25 years ago. In any case, Roger is ORGANIZED!!! And he is extremely helpful. He sent me and the girls an excel spreadsheet detailing our weekend in Madison…YES!!! Shit, I don’t even know what I am doing tomorrow…much less 2 weeks from now! In any case, Roger is not going to let me be late for anything!! Thank you ROGER!!!

Ok…last thing…my bff from college, Laura Haynes is in town for the DNC. I usually don’t talk about politics and I won’t start now. But I have to tease Laura because she is as hard core about being a democrat as I am about being a dog mother! In any case, I look forward to hanging out with her. Lynne, we will call you!

That’s it for now…over and out!