After reading Diana’s e-mail from yesterday and watching her you tube video. I have to say, I feel so lucky. ML and I have an amazing life together and Diana’s little note was a reminder to me that every day is a gift. It doesn’t matter if it’s raining, or if someone rubs you the wrong way…(like the extremely vain 45-plus guy in Boulder who has dumped his wife for the young, cute, 25 year old, and has the nerve to tell me that I am getting old….or the “old guy” who sends a nasty, scathing e-mail in an attempt to teach me a “life lesson” (UM…yeah…that works. I wonder what they were really trying to accomplish..hmmm)…whole different story-line for another post:)).
After all, you can’t sweat the small stuff…And while I allowed these folks to piss me off momentarily, in the grand scheme of things, it just doesn’t matter. What matters the most to me is my family and close knit, tight circle of friends.

The last two weeks have been filled with A LOT of dog walk/runs a little swimming, a little biking, errands, and A LOT OF CLEANING…YES!!!!

My dogs deserve the fun hikes, runs, and walks….
After all, they were extremely patient during my ironman training. At best, they got two walks a day in the neighborhoods…a little boring for two very active personalities:).

Running with Blue is a little sad some days . Those days are just a reminder that he is a bit of a senior citizen. Yesterday we tried running, however, he let me know that 3 minutes was his max. The warm 74 degrees was too much for him. However, today was a whole different day. The temperature maxed out this morning at 61 degrees on BIG BLUESTEM trail. And the fall yellow and blue flowers must have kept Blue’s motivation up as we were able to get in 20 minutes together. The rest of the 60′ hike was a gorgeous…I kept thinking, I should have brought my camera. It was truly a gorgeous day today. It’s very rare that I walk this trail as I am usually running it. However, I feel lucky that Blue slowed me down enough to take in the mountains and beauty. The dogs were on very good behavior today. I kept thinking that they were my perfect little dream dogs. I have worked really hard, especially with Luna, for the dogs to be well-behaved. And I feel lucky that they are finally where I need them to be behavior-wise.

Yesterday, I spent about 5 hours deep cleaning our house. ML is excellent at surface cleaning, however, deep cleaning isn’t quite his thing. Yesterday, I hit my boiling point. I went absolutely CRAZY cleaning our house. I guess the good thing is that I have the energy to do it. Again, while in Ironman training, a clean house is sometimes overlooked…

With a clean house, you have to have clean animals. Luna and Blue had a deep cleaning of their own today at Whole Pets. They actually like the baths there as they are always assured a treat afterwards. Frisco has his grooming tomorrow. I won’t clean Frisco myself for fear of being torn apart. Frisco goes to a grooming place on Walnut. He’s there for about 4-5 hours. He has a lot of surface area:).

After being without a divers license for two months…(yes, guilty), ML insisted that I get it today. After being considered “high security” the last time that I flew because my passport name does not match my married name, ML would not take “no” for an answer today. He had to drive me. However, I did it.
The DMV really bothers me. It just seems that the people that work there use their authority to scare you or make you feel bad about yourself…I guess because their job seems to suck. For example, the woman behind the counter was extremely pissed off that I had not changed my name with Social Security. She gave me the “business”. So after kissing her ass for a few minutes, I finally was able to talk her into giving me a new license. Honestly, if I had know that changing my name would cause such a fiasco, I would not have done it legally. There was another “incident”, however, I might have to save that for another post…too lengthy and crazy to talk about.

In other news, my tummy problems are quelling. After 5 days on medication, I am a whole new person. In fact, I went out to dinner last night. And for the first time in a very long time, I did not feel sick. YAHOO!!! I have to give my doctor, Chris Madden props….He is awesome. I love him…YES, I Love him…not like I love my dogs or ML, but I think he is RAD!! He actually cares. In fact, he called me today(himself, not his nurse) to see if the meds were working and to discuss the results of my endoscopy. I have never had a doctor be so interested in making sure that my athletic needs are met. In fact, I have usually strayed away from “regular” doctors as they most always say that exercising at this extreme amount is bad…hmmmm….
In any case, Yeah!! for Dr. Madden!
Well, I think that is it for now.
I leave for interbike on Thursday. It should be fun. However, I wish more of my homies were going:(….