Michael and I have been members of Flatirons Athletic Club for the past four years. During our time there, we have made several friends….including Jane Scott’s cat, Mamma Kitty. The cat wasn’t really Jane’s cat. However, Mamma kitty had been an unofficial mamber of Flatiorns Athletic Club for 10 years. She lived outside and was always very welcoming when I came to the pool for a swim. MK was always first on deck at 6am to greet me before workout. I obliged the welcome with some pets and feeding kitty food that Jane and some of the other members of the club had bought for her. About three weeks ago, Jane found MK dead in a small ditch behind the fence of the pool. Not knowing and not being there for the past several weeks, I inquired to Jane where MK was hiding. I knew immediately that I had put my foot in my mouth. Jane told me where she had found her. I was so sad not only for MK, but for Jane. Jane loves animals so much….probably more than people. I hated making Jane feel badly. I just couldn’t believe that MK had died. It was so random. According to Jane, she was healthy and doing great. I just hope that there wasn’t any foul play involved in her death.
In the meantime, I am sending Jane lots of good energy and I am encouraging good behavior at the pool so Jane doesn’t have to deal with adults acting like children!