Sex and the City (the movie) is coming out Friday. Sue, me, Michael, GF, and maybe Sara are all planning to go! I can’t wait! I loved the series and I am hoping that the movie will be just as fabulous!!!

In other news, I am feeling so much better. My energy levels are back and I am finally feeling normal and ready to RUMBLE!!!! YEAH!!! Thank you Dr. Stephanie!

I did my first set of intervals today and didn’t nearly die…what a relief!

Dan and I have our clients under contract on a very sweet home here in Boulder. I have been going back and forth with the title company on a few things as well as trying to find a solar heating company that at least pretends to know how to inspect a solar heat system…this is Boulder after all, and I should be able to find one…

Lastly, my new Scott Contessa road bike came in yesterday and I today I took it out for its maiden voyage. Michael is very jealous! We don’t have it all dialed in as of yet, however, I can tell that it’s super light, very tiny:), and super responsive!!!
(I felt like a nerd today tooling around while the Boulder night time trial series was going on. Everyone was riding their super sweet tt bikes with disc wheels, while I was tooling around with my reflectors and mini-plastic disk around my cassette. Husband extraordinaire has strict instructions to make it nerd free before the next ride:).

Happy Training!