This morning we arrived at FAC at the early time of 7:30 (10 minutes after sunrise) for a long run. It has been really cold these past mornings, but I’m trying to stick to a schedule so that the days don’t slip by me while nothing gets accomplished. It’s so easy to get side tracked at this time of the year.
We went to Brooke’s Solstice party last night and I had received a late night e-mail from her regarding our morning run. Basically the jist of it was that she would most likely not be there. To my delight and surprise, Brooke was the first one at FAC!
It was great catching up with the girls on our run. We tried running on some of the trails as I am anxious to show them my 15/16 and 18/23 mile loops. However, the trails are still in bad shape. There is so much ice and snow. In fact, there was a Lot of slipping and sliding going on. Kerrie was exceptional on the ice. I think so does so well because she is Canadian. The rest of us were hopeless…especially me. I’m just such a safety sally!!!
Sunny was her usual chatty self. She kept the run going. On our run around Cherryvale, we managed to see Michael running the other way. As we bumped into him, he warned us about a possible sight that we probably wouldn’t want to see. Apparently a young cow was tangled in a barbed wire fence. A ranger was there trying to fee him, however, his legs were twisted throughout the wire. By the time we had arrived at the scene, the ranger was gone and the cow had died:(. I guess the saddest part was that all of the other cows were standing around the cow checking it out. It was almost as if they knew their friend was gone. I know that I shouldn’t humanize livestock, but I can’t help it. Even as Sunny progressed with her stories, the thought of the cow, tangled, weighed on my mind. I couldn’t even tell you what Sunny was talking about after that moment as I just kept thinking about it.
As I started thinking about death, Brooke, Kerrie, and I started telling pet death stories and that is never very fun. Then I started thinking about Momma Kitty. I asked Brooke if there was a cause of death as Jane took her body to CSU for an autopsy. Apparently MK died of anti freeze poisoning…again very sad. I hate to bum everyone out on this blog, but I guess death was the theme of the run today.