I take my rest time seriously. After realizing that I would not be racing the Longhorn 70.3, my ass became somewhat glued to the couch…hahah!
I did do a LOT of dog walks and I did do about 4 swims, 2 bike rides, and two races in the span of 3 weeks. However, for the most part,I was tickled by the fact that my medication has been working! Since taking it, I have been able to eat all of the foods that I love, including bagels, chocolate, wine, calamari!, etc…I have even been able to consume things with maltodextrin! In any case, my once chiseled abs have rounded off and my boobies have grown a tad. (I, to my hubby’s dismay, don’t gain weight in my ass).
I am also positive that my girl friends, including Angela, T-Star, and Regina will be pleased to know that I ate all three boxes of Berger cookies! YES, I did…without ML’s help! hahaha!

So today was the day we decided to start with a plan! I was excited. I was stoked. I was mentally fresh and I was ready to go!!!
The plan was a little run: my smaller 9 mile loop around the REZ. I usually do “my 13mile loop” at an average of 6:35 pace. However, my slowest has been 7:10. I thought to myself today that 7:10′s would be a great goal…hahaha! Was I delusional???? YES!

As I started of with my little 10′ warm-up, my heart rate shot up immediately. I sort of laughed to myself and thought that I was awfully sure of myself before I actually started to run, however, my body was letting me know: I am OUT OF SHAPE! I could feel my once tight tummy now loose and jiggly. My boobies were a little more bouncy. My breathing was actually OK…but I wondered how I would feel when I actually started to pick it up a bit.

After I started to pick it up, I felt a strange sensation…It was a little turtle head. You know when you have laid off exercising for a little while, you tend to not take as many craps in a day…and when you do start again, your body has reved up the engine and it just wants to get rid of it all. In any case, I had a turtle head. And it was ready to see the REZ! I brought my trusty wet wipes and took care of business.

Yes, back to the run. I was clipping away the miles, and I was trying to not get caught up with my slow turtle-like pace. This past summer, I was in the BEST running shape of my life…you wouldn’t know it from my result at IM Wisconsin, however, I was running fuckin’ fast leading up to it…and now (today) I was running slower than Luna’s stuffed turtle…All I could do was laugh and just go with it…until another turtle head came sneaking out…YES! I had to go again. This time the turtle wanted to see the Boulder Country Club golf course. I hid behind a bush with my final wet wipe. Within seconds, I was ready to run again…

As I entered Eagle trail, I was sort of glad that the little 40′ tempo run was over. I had averaged about 7:20 for the tempo run. Not too bad…for being ass-attached to a couch for a few weeks…
As soon as it was over, my body reveled in the fact that I was allowing myself to run 8:30′s hahaha!!!

After arriving to my car, I did a few 30 sec hill strides, stretched, and just took in this gorgeous Boulder day remembering a time (6 weeks ago)when this run felt effortless and fast! However, being out of shape makes me HUNGRY…not for food, but for fitness!!! This summer, I surprised myself with my run fitness. And I’m on my way back:)!
Happy Running and Training!