I have been struggling. My running has been slow to come around. I have been suffering through workouts unable to hit my paces, times, speeds. I have just SUCKED. I’ve been doing all of my workouts all by myself (double suck). I haven’t had much fun. When I try to run fast, I feel winded, fat, and out of shape…(triple suck!)

However, this week, the VATO (husband extraordinaire) has started running with me!!! Suddenly, I have enjoyed running again. Maybe this joy of running has returned partly because my legs feel fresher from not riding as much this week… However, I really attribute it to the husband extraordinaire. The husband extraordinaire hasn’t done much training these past 7 weeks since KONA. In fact, I don’t think he trained at all while in AZ. This is great news for me as I now have a running partner…haha! ML’s drop dead date to start training again is December 1st. But somehow, after running together yesterday (engagement anniversary)I convinced him to do my track workout with me today…YAHOO!!! Maybe he was feeling a little sentimental after yesterdays run;)…

It’s amazing how a training partner can make all the difference in the world. There were times today that I struggled to stay on his back; but I fought it and I won! I never wanted to give up. I was challenging myself and ML the entire workout. It was awesome!

Isn’t it amazing how one little workout can give you all the confidence in the world? Isn’t it amazing how a little help from a training partner can make it all seem that much easier? I am hoping that ML will train with me for a few more weeks until he gets his legs back under him. His company helped me so much today. And I love that he is there supporting me and pushing me to be my best…Love you ML!!!