I am fighting off the sickies today.
I’m at home trying to fight off the bugz, while ML is doing some super ride. ;(
Because it’s Valentines Day (my favorite holiday), I thought I would share a few things that I love…

10. Pre Race from First Endurance. This stuff ROCKS…seriously. I don’t drink coffee (anymore) due to it being too acidic. But a scoop of Pre-Race, pre workout, is all that I need to get me through the hard days.

9. My Splish Suits. If you have seen my velveteen glitter suit, you know why I love these suits. The fit is perfect, the style is “tight”, and the designs are FUN!

8. Vegan rice Crispy Treats. That’s right…I said it…vegan. My friends would have never thought…(me either!). I use Crispy Brown rice cereal, a bit of Justin’s PB, Rice Syrup, and vegan marshmallows. My new favorite dessert!

7. Running on a warm day on an open trail all alone or with LD and BD. Ahhh….life doesn’t get much better than that…

6. My Nike Zoom Elites: These shoes Rock…and if (when) Nike discontinues them this year, I will be one P.O.’d girl!

5. Cliff and Training Peaks. Well actually this is two things/persons…And yes, I think Super Coach is RAD. And I think Training Peaks is awesome. I love having my training plans sent to me every morning. I love how my training plans are all laid out and organized…I love that Cliff understands me and he really took the time to get to know me. Cliff is one cool and smart dude.

4. Butterflies. Have you seen my race kit yet? Seriously, I have butterfly necklaces, race gear, and decals. (Thank you Kristin!) Butterflies are beautiful, delicate, and free. I love them!

3. Barton Springs. This swimming hole rocks. 200 meters long, spring fed, 68 degrees, fishies swimming with you…and no sharks! Pure Beauty!

2. Luna, Blue, Frisco. I love these little guys with all of my heart.

1. ML…I can’t imagine my life without him!