I figured once I cooled off, I had better write about what makes me happy….

Siri’s group is awesome. The girls are all so SUPPORTIVE of each other! And Siri is an AMAZING coach! Swimming with the group the past few weeks has not only been challenging physically….but mentally and emotionally too! I LOVE IT.
I have such a sense of accomplishment after each workout. Siri makes me do things I would never consider doing before (ie. diving off blocks!).
There are only 2-3 of us girls in a lane at a time, which is in sharp contrast to FAC during the summer time…(Dave, Jane, Wolfgangs) 8-10 in a lane. Our little group of Mary, Danielle, and myself work really well together and Siri keeps us all going!
Lastly, I never thought swimming would ever be FUN. I am actually having FUN swimming!