My sister and I were on the internet last night laughing hysterically at old photos that we had uploaded on Facebook. I thought I would share a few…

Me and DG Racer on MY pony, Thelwell. I was 4yo and DG was 2yo. The guy holding the pony was Barry Moorland. DG had a crush on him for entire childhood until he broke her heart at the age of 13:)…haha!

This is where it all started….notice my fur lined coat. Yes, my style hasn’t changed. DG and I used to race bikes all over my grandma’s neighborhood…fun times!

My senior picture. The year was 1990. I worked really hard (with the help of a lot of hairspray) to get the “claw” as high as I could.
This is my senior prom picture. As my friend Laurie (pictured with me) reminded me, we were both annoyed with our dates. So we took prom pics with each other…I have to look around to see if I actually have a picture of my boyfriend at the time. I’m sure I have a picture somewhere…
I was so in love that PINK dress. I borrowed it from one of my dad’s lady friends.

I hope you enjoyed them half as much as I did…I hope to have college pictures up in the next day or so. FUN TIMES!