I have some final thought about last weekend that I’d like to share…

***We have been staying with the same homestay, The Isherwoods, since first doing this race back in 2000. Michael and I have really enjoyed watching their children grow up over the years and we have so enjoyed being a part of their extended family. I forgot to give them a shout out on my race report yesterday. One of the major reasons that we go back to St. Croix each year is because of them :)!

***My husband is a true champion. ML showed up in St. Croix with a broken bike. His frame was cracked…and we had a “oh shit” moment…After all, we are in St. Croix.
However, Kestrel was awesome. They sent him a frame right away…within 24hrs. ML spent three hours, taking every single part off of his old frame and putting it on his new frame with very limited tools on Thursday night. He had some issues with his old seat post, however, he used half of a coke can as shims on race day so that it would not slip. The new fork that went with the new frame was a bit short. Not to worry…he used the old fork. All of his good effort and intentions still didn’t help the fact that he was riding a newly built bike within two days in a race. During race day, his cassette was loose and his aerobars were pointing straight down. You will never hear ML complain. After all, we make our own luck…Needless to say, ML fought his way through the bike and the run to still get 8th…I think he is pretty AWESOME!

***I get lots of questions from age groupers and pros alike, regarding my race day nutrition. After all, I experiment on myeslf every day…lol! And…I have had lots and lots of problems. (I will note, however, that my problems with nutrition (I figured this out after a series of disappointing races) are medical that have been taken care of with medication by a doctor.)
So here it goes: I’m about 123# on race day…
Breakfast on race day was 3 hours before race start.
I had a banana with Justin’s almond butter.
One cup of brown rice with honey
1 soy yogurt
and maybe half a cup of coffee to get the colon rollin’
All of this equals about 700 calories
Because I had such a large breakfast, I didn’t need a gel before the swim start.
During the bike. I opted for watered down EFS. I had about 58oz of it…I also had about half a bottle of water. I also had about 2.5 uncaffeinated gels. I really think that the caffeine is unnecessary on race day if you are well-rested, as I was on race day. I think caffeine is really good at masking pain and hunger. Frankly, I kinda want to feel that during the race so that I can asses my needs. Plus with my heart rate accelerations during the last race and this race, I thought it would be better to be safe than sorry. Although the heart rate thing still happened on the bike…hmmmm.
I guess my total calories for the bike were between 450 and 550.
During the run, I drank water for the first 5 miles. After about mile 8, I had a swig of gatorade . Later on in the run, I had 2 orange slices.
As you can see, I didn’t need much. I was rested and my glycogen stores were topped off. I eat probably 3 times more than this training. Racing is completely different.
I hope this helps some of the people that struggle. Race day nutrition is a tough thing for us folks who have sensitive tummies or digestive issues. And even when you think that you have figured it all out, your needs change and your nutrition changes. I think the key is learning how to read your body.

***I thoroughly enjoyed seeing all of my triathlon friends last weekend. It was pretty great catching up with everyone and I am feeling ready and excited for this year.