This weekend has been really fun for me. I’ve been watching races all weekend! Yesterday was the Wildflower triathlon. Meredith ripped it up in her age group. I received a text from her this morning saying that she couldn’t believe how hard it was. But she did it and had a great time!
Angie won her sprint triahtlon yesterday too. Next, for her, is one of my favorite races, the Memphis in May triathon.
Esther raced this weekend in order to have a tune up as she hasn’t raced this year. However, she didn’t have the race she really wanted. She is racing at the 70.3 in Florida in two weeks. Hopefully she will have a more successful race there. Her big race this year is the Hawaii Ironman!
My training has been fun the last few days. I biked with my girlfriends this morning up to Jamestown and we were lucky enough to dodge the rain! Every afternoon has been extremely wet the past week! I’m really looking forward to putting the arm warmers and knee warmers away for the summer. Hot and dry would be a welcome weather forcast for me!
On the way home form riding today I saw 5 baby fox. Luckily they seemend to be in a safe area off of Norwood. There isn’t as much traffic around there and if there are cars, they drive slow as there is a middle school located there. Spring is amazing with all of the new life that it brings!
When the warm weather arrives, it seems that my attitude changes for the better as well. I think I just hate being wet and cold. I love the warm sunshine and with the sunshine, I seem to love training a lot more too!