Just to let all of our friends know, Michael was 7th today and I was a solid 8th!
You can look up splits on www.ironmalive.com.

I have to say that I more nervous than ever this morning. I couldn’t even talk. Last night I couldn’t even sleep. So this morning I just tried smiling; trying to release the stress of being so nervous! All of the memories of last year have been flooding back to me all week. And the thought of another bad race loomed in my head. I did a short run warm up wearing my heart rate monitor. My heart rate was about 155 doing about 9-10 minute pace. I could feel my heart fluttering. I knew it wasn’t from caffeine as I only had a quarter cup…it was nerves…..

I tried loosening up and not letting my demons from last year get to me by talking to Nina and Tyler on the start line. (I just love Tyler. She is so friendly and so outgoing. It’s good for me to be around someone so positive and kind). As the gun went off, I felt like I had a great start. I swam about 25 meters before my head and arms became completely tangled in the rope. Urgh…this was no part of the plan!
After I detangled myself, the group was way gone. I was now a part of my new little group: me, myself, and I. Again, this was not a part of the plan. I was thrown all over that swim course by the waves. I got lost. I asked a man on a boat where to go…oh god…this was becoming comical. I FINALLY finished the swim disappointed and frazzled. There were a total of two bikes left on the racks. While I admit I am not the strongest swimmer, I’m not completely terrible either. It has been YEARS since I have seen only 2 bikes left on the rack. Well, that is what is special about racing. You never know what the day is going to give you.

After grabbing my bike in a total panic, I prepared to mount my bike. As I did, my foot slipped off of the shoe that was already mounted into the pedal. I completely crashed going zero miles per hour. This was not only embarrassing, but very painful. My knee hurt so badly and I had deep cuts in my hand and elbow…I thought, oh great…this is not a good omen…

During the first ten miles, I contemplated not finishing as my knee hurt terribly. Peddaling was extremely painful. In “amanda world”, however, not finishing a race is the last resort. It is more painful emotionally to not finish a race than to finish with a mangled knee.

However, as I continued on, my knee became fluid and loose. It seemed fine. I continued on really enjoying my ride. I was all alone for a long time until some age group guys passed me by. But I reveled in the moment and focused on my race. I felt really great for most of the ride. My legs started to get the “throb, throb” about 45 miles into the bike, but I just kept on with it until I reached T-2.

I was nervous about my legs feeling terrible starting the run. Throbbing legs at the end of the bike can mean one of three things: either I rode too hard, my back end fitness isn’t quite there, or I f-kd with my bike fit again. Thankfully the “throb, throb” didn’t effect my running legs. As I started off, my legs felt fresh and light. I was so stoked. I thought to myself…oh thank you GOD!!!!

My run went along easy until about mile 10 or 11. At that point, I took a huge gulp of gatorade at one of the aid stations. While doing so, my heart rate spiked to 198! I have never seen my heart rate that high…ever….I could feel my heart flutter and I had to slow considerably…it was so weird. Anyway, after a short little walk, my heart rate leveled off a bit and I felt good to go once again, clicking away as fast as I could.

Would I call this race a good race? Absolutely! I was a little bummed as I never felt like I was ever racing anyone, ever. I was in “no mans” land all day.
But I managed to calm my demons and prove to myself that I am a great athlete!

A huge thank you to Dan from Life Sport for giving me the tools to have a good race today. I admit I haven’t been the “easiest” client. I demand a lot from Dan. We’ve had our ups and downs; but the proof is in my racing. Dan knows his stuff. Today’s results are from only 2 and half months of his coaching with a lot of me being sick, in between. And I assure you that I wasn’t in this sort of bike/run shape in January, much less all last year.

Lastly a big thanks to all of my wonderful sponsors for always believing in my ability: SPLISH, SCOTT, Inside OUT Sports, TRAKKERS, Boulder Running Company, Race Day Wheels, FSA/Vision, First Endurance, Brand Betty, Lovato Management services:), Beaker concepts, Justin’s Nut Butter, Oakley, Performance Wellness, and J&A’s in Austin.

GRACIAS for reading and supporting me in my endevors!!!