One of the things that I have noticed this year being coached by Cliff is that I am usually too tired from training to do much outside of that…except for maybe lay on the couch….lol!

It just seems hard to focus on anything…even responding to e-mails is hard…
However, it’s taper time and my energy is coming back to me.

One of the things that I really try to do, when my energy comes back, is to focus on my friends outside of my triathlon career. I have an amazing handful of girl-friends from high school, college, and post college that are all just awesome. Despite being my besties, they don’t all know each other well. They have all met either at my wedding or they have heard about each other. In any case, I cherish and love these women more than anything. All of these gals are really special. Each one of them understands my struggles, my happiness, the way I communicate, the way that I choose to live my life…with out judgement. They are true friends. Each one of them brings out a different, unique, and positive part of my personality. And I love that!!!

As each one of us gets married, has babies, or gets new rewarding jobs, we have never drifted apart despite the life changes. Sometimes I go for 2 months without talking to some of my friends…however, once on the phone, it’s like time stood still and we chat like no time has passed. Love that!

I’ve made plans for a few trips this year to visit my BFF’s…I’m going to Baltimore again to visit my friends and race the Columbia triathlon. I love the Columbia triathlon as it holds a special piece in my heart. I learned how to ride my bike on those roads with my BFF’s and it was my 2nd triathlon ever. I met a lot of my friends in Baltimore through the triathlon scene back in 1997. This race is a “homecoming” for me.

Last night I talked to one of my BFF’s from college who lives in NYC. I’ve been thinking of her for weeks…and I finally picked up the phone yesterday to give her a call. I’m off to visit her and her hubby after IM CDA. I can’t wait!!! She is having a baby in August and I want to spend some time with her before things get hectic…

Even though I can’t be the perfect friend always (call all of the time, e-mail, facebook, etc…), I try my best. I try to give what I can, when I can…I thank my true friends who understnad me and love me despite my crazy life. I love ya!

2 last things:
***I mentioned all of my girfriends, however, I have one BFF from high school who is a guy (Lee K.). He has been like a brother to me since we were 16 years old!
***My husband, ML, wants everyone to know that he is my BFF for life in every way possible and that he wants everyone to know that I think he is a sexy beast! LOL!