I’m so tired today.
Being Terra’s training bitch is taking it’s toll on me.
I agreed to ride with Terra today for four hours. What on earth was I thinking? Since IM Florida, I have had two long rides of three hours. I have been the least consistent on the bike as I am not a “ride the trainer” sort of person. My riding really depends on the weather.
I am so paying for it when I ride with TC. Terra is toying with me. She is in the middle of IM AZ training.
I deserve the punishment though. I’m the moron that agreed to ride:).
I asked Andrea Fisher last night if she would like to join us. I laughed when I got a “NO” on e-mail in capitol letters. I thought to myself, she’s the smart one. It will probably suck for me to ride with the super motivated Terra. Thankfully Terra is a sweet girl. She isn’t insecure and she doesn’t really care about how fast or slow the ride is unless she is doing “intervals”. (EE-GADS!!!! NOT THOSE!) Terra did her intervals today, without me. I’m learning the roads fairly well. And I could probably find my way home. But Terra knows the benefit of having a training partner and being nice to her:)..hehe….
I look forward to more “kick amanda’s ass” rides with TC. My riding will come around sooner or later:)!