I thought that in the past 5 years of living here, that I had seen a lot of snow in Colorado. When we first moved here in back in 2001, I was in amazement of how much snow had fallen that next spring (2002)! However, nothing compares to the kind of snow Boulder has gotten in the past 2 days.
Yesterday started as any other day. I took Luna, my jack russell, out for a short run of 30 minutes. There was a little snow on the ground…maybe 1.5 inches. Later that morning, the snow started falling hard!
Stephanie and her boyfirend, Mike (Michael’s sister and brother in law) were supposed to leave for Albuquerque yesterday morning. However, by 10 am it was apparent that they wouldn’t being making the Christmas journey. I-25 to New Mexico was closed and the snow storm was closing fast on Boulder. We made the best of it and went out to the BUFF, which is our favorite breakfast joint and had a few laughs and some good food! We thought about going to the mall, as Michael still has all of his Christmas shoping to do. Instead we came home. I am really glad that we decided to check the computer for closures before we set off again for the mall. Flatirons Crossing closed at 1pm and unfortunately there were people stuck there. The National guard was rescuing people for Route 36 and the people stuck at the mall were being fed by Panera bread company for free. I think that the folks stuck there had to spend the night too! In all of our ignorance, and because of the fact that we have a subaru (the super car), and the fact that I may recieve coal this Christmas instead of presents due to the snow not to being bad, I think that we though we were invincible. Plus we were trying to fight off cabin fever…we would have still gone to the mall if it were open.
I think that I realized how deep the snow was when Blue, my whippet, was unable to walk through the dog park last night. He did a lot of hopping instead! He hates being cold and wet, however, I know that he has been “holding it” for at least 48 hours. And it was imperative that he go outside.
Luckily for me…and Michael’s ability to Chrismas shop, the snow has subsided today. There is still a lot everywhere and it is still really beautiful. I think we got about 30 inches of snow. In fact we are still getting a little snow here and there even though the weather man is calling for a break in the weather today.
There hasn’t been too much exercising going on. Last week was my “drop dead date”, however, after talking to Roch, we decided to push it back to January 1st. This is great news for me as I hate riding my indoor trainer and the thought of “being forced” to do it seems to make me want to throw up. Same goes for swimming. Although, I know I am really going to suffer as I am totally out of swim shape. Roch has already warned me that I will be doing 30-40k swim weeks to get ready for the season….UGH! I have to admit, however, I love hard work. The really hard part is just being out of shape and coming back from time off.
Merry Christams to everyone and Happy Training.
Enjoy the Blizzard pictures and I will write after the New Year!