This morning started off at the early hour of 7am….a bit early for Michael. Blue and Luna were race ready, wearing their finest collars. I kept reminding Michael that this was Luna’s and Blue’s day and that we needed to not be late for them. Luna needed a race warm-up (to make a couple of deposits…if you know what I mean….). Michael was a little slow moving. He had a long day of training yesterday. And I think he secretly wondered if it was worth it. However, once at the race venue, he was excited to be there.
Before the race started, Michael and I decided that it was in Blue doggies best interest to do the 3k doggie walk. At 10 years young, Blue is brilliant at 20 minute slow runs. And while I know that he could run a 5k, I didn’t want him to feel badly about not being able to keep up with Luna. Blue is VERY competitive and he doesn’t realize when he is hurting himself at times. Plus Luna wanted to strut her stuff and show all the big dogs that she could keep up! Michael thought it was best for him to walk Blue today too as he is tired from yesterdays big day up at Magnolia. And even though I hadn’t run since Wendesday ( I am a fair weather’s been raining for two days:), my muscles were feeling pretty good.

After all four of us made our deposits, during our 5 minute walk to the starting line. Luna was motivated and excited…I don’t think she really knew what she was in for, however as soon as the gun went off…she was barking and pulling my arms out of their sockets…

If you notice in the video above, Luna (to the right of the screen)is barking like crazy and ready to “kill” the lab closest to us:). She likes for everyone to know who is the boss! And she is very competitive. Although, she was running with Michael this past winter in Austin for 10 miles at 6 minute pace, the first mile at 5:41 was a bit challenging for the both of us. At mile 1.5, Luna made a dead stop and dunked herself in every single water bowl, (I think there were 5 or 6 of them). After we (luna) drank a lot of water, Luna then spotted every single mud puddle (Boulder has had quite a bit of rain the past few days). Our 2nd mile was 6:50. We managed to hold on for a second place finish in 20:11. Yahoo for me and Luna!

After the race, Luna and I went to find Michael and Blue doggie. They had managed to make “friends” with another GH in the middle of the pack. Both guys (ML and blue dog) expressed their displeasure of being with the “walkers”:). After all, both of these guys are hard core athletes!
After our little walk back to the humane society, we caught up with Pam (our friend who also did the walk with her doggie!
I have to admit, this is the most fun that I have had with my dogs in a long time. The 70 dollar entry fee for both animals and humans was well worth it!
The venue that the humane society put on was awesome which included a free pancake breakfast and free family portraits with our dogs after the race. Luna and Blue even received two free stuffed animals each and tennis balls…pink and blue of course!!!
Here is a tired Luna…

Support your local humane society today!