Yesterday while doing errands, I received a phone message from a woman representing United Airlines. On the message, she said that she had found my blog through “USA Today” blogger. (I’m not sure if this was a mistake, if she found my blog somewhere else, or if my blog was linked to USA Today…for real)! In any case, she found my blog and read about my missing luggage, as well as my adventures as a triathlete.
This wonderful woman took it upon herself to find my missing luggage and make sure that it was on the next flight to DENVER. I didn’t catch her name, however, she is an agent in Manchester, NEW HAMPSHIRE. Michael is flying there in August. While there, he will be on a mission to personally thank this woman. Because, as many of my friends know, a happy wife is a happy life! THANK YOU UNITED AIRLINES!!!!!!

Random thoughts:

All is well here. I was super tired yesterday as Monday’s travel really zapped me.
Yesterday was “CANADA DAY”. I thought of Kerrie yesterday. I miss her:(.
Boulder is really beautiful right now. It’s the first time this summer I wasn’t wishing I was in Austin (they are having 100 degree temperatures).

I had a remark the other day regarding my race report being “graphic”: I prefer the word “colorful”. When I think of the word graphic, I think of a bad horror movie. Colorful, is a much better word.

When I was an age grouper, I used to read all of the pro women’s race reports. I was always trying to find tips that I could use. I wanted to know what it was like to race in a heated battle. I wanted to know what they did for their nutrition. I wanted to know about peeing on the bike and run….etc….
However, more often than not, I was usually disappointed after reading the reports. The race reports that I read were filled with “butterflies and flowers”. Everything was always wonderful…unless it was a report filled with a bunch of excuses when they lost or things didn’t do well. I always told myself that I would never be that way. I wanted to share what really happens during my races…the good, the bad, and the occasional appearance of the lady bit. And I always try to write my report within hours of my race, so that I can write with emotion.

Sometimes I lose sight of how many people read this thing. When I started it, Splish, BRC, and Michael were my only readers. So sometimes, it gets a little out of hand which is why I chose to make people sign in to leave comments. (Plus some ass hole (I know who you are), was leaving nasty little comments, anonymously…you are a coward).
This blog is about who I really am at one moment of the day. And I am so glad that so many people enjoy it.
Thanks for reading!