There is something about riding that fucking thing that makes me fucking pissed off.
I fucking hate it.
The only reason that I ride the fucking thing is because I made a fucking deal with Dan that I would do the gosh damn thing once a week for 90′.
Today I was thinking of IM Florida last year when Lianne was beating the crap out of me during the swim…then my mind was wondering to Columbia and how I got the shit kicked out of me there. My heart rate at that point was fucking 168. Upon riding my trianer I have decided that the next person who fucking hits me in an open water swim 2-3 times will get their fucking head knocked off. It’s so annoying when someone repeatedly hits you in the water. Once or twice is normal…people usually back off…However, I won’t fucking put up with it anymore. Don’t fucking swim on top of me and don’t fucking punch me in the face!

On a previous post Bree left a comment saying that she was happy that I loved Dan. She isn’t the only one who has said this. Somthing I want to touch on is that I don’t LOVE Dan (the coach). I LIKE Dan.
I love my husband, I love my dogs, and I love my pink swimsuits and bike…IN THAT ORDER.
Dan is a good guy and he is very Canadian….all very good things. However, my success this year is only partly Dan. Just like I have never blamed bad races on previous coaches, I do not give Dan 100 percent credit for great preformances.
I have done everything in my power to put myself in a position to not have bad a race this year.
I have changed everything. I moved to Austin for 4 months to get a fresh perspective, I hired a new coach, I changed my diet, I divorced best-friends that weren’t good for me, & I changed swim groups. Lastly, I ignore people that piss me off and I pray for them.
I am taking this year more seriously than I have any other year. And I am determined to have a winning year. I surround myself with positive, uplifting people (Siri’s group)and I am loving it! So give ME some fucking credit.

Well, I’m no longer pissed off. There something about writing it all down that is such a release for me. If you see a rant in the future, it’s because I just got off the frickin’ trainer…..