Today I was thinking….Michael isn’t here and I think a lot:)….

In any case, I was thinking of what inspires me…the things that I love, the people who make me happy or inspire me. I was thinking of workouts that I just can’t miss because I love the workout so much. I was thinking of how I am blessed with an amazing husband who inspires me every day to be better….lots of things were bouncing around in my head this morning as I did a mild 30′ run with my dogs at Dowdy Draw…another one of my favorite running trails.

So here is a list of things that I love…in no particular order:

1. my husband. Michael is my soul mate, my partner in crime, and my best friend. He makes me better, therefore making my life better. If you hate me, you hate him (and vice versa) because we are one in the same. ML feels everything that I feel. We always love the good stuff. It’s always awesome.
I’m more emotional and sensitive than he is (yes I am sensitive, despite my hard east coast exterior). And he always tries to make the stuff that hurts me go away.

2. my dogs…luna and blue. (I love frisco too). My dogs are my best buddies. They go on runs with me. They listen to me sing bad songs to them. They kiss me and love no matter what, even me after they (Luna) have gotten in trouble.

3. siri’s swim group. I love these girls. I have never swum with a team that has been so supportive and inspiring…ever! Every time I left workout, despite being dead tired, I would be absolutely exhilarated. Siri made me do swim sets I never thought I could do…60 x 100 anyone??? She made me believe in my swimming ability. Not only did Siri believe in me, but the girls did too. High fives, pats on the back, and “good job”…what could be better???

4. my friends: I have a small number of wonderful, tight, loyal friends from high school, college, and post college. However, today I will talk about Theresa and Angela. These two girls NEVER let me down. If I was in trouble and needed either one of them right away, one of them would take the next flight to where ever I was to help me out. Theresa smooths out the insecurities that I have. She makes my relationships with others become better. She makes me think differently, positively. She makes my life better. She takes care of me as though I am her family.
Angela is one of my greatest supporters. Angela makes me believe in myself. She has more confidence in me that I sometimes have myself. Angela builds me up and never tears me down. She also takes good care of me and you better believe that if you ever say anything derogatory about me…ever, Angela will punch you:)..not kidding. She’s a Baltimore girl, hon!
Side note: ML will not be going to IM Wisconsin as he needs to be home after traveling so many weekends in a row. These two girls have taken off from work to come out to support me and take care of me. I am SO BLESSED!

5. my favorite workouts (2 parts). Who would ever thought that swimming would be fun for me. I’m not fast, I’m not very competitive at it, and I struggle through workouts. However, one of my favorite workouts is this: 10 x 300′s. I do different variations of it which include: 10 x300 all out, stay on Michael feet as long as I can with 15 sec rest or 200 all out effort with a 100 meter float. Yes, I love swim workouts!
My other favorite workout that I just LOVE is running for 2 hrs at my level 2. (For my friends and family this is a heart rate run. Level 2 for me is 149-158.) I never used to know what the numbers meant on my heart rate monitor until this year. I had an idea, but never really payed too much attention to it. However, I have gotten addicted to my heartrate monitor and I love it. And I love seeing how fast I am at an “effortless” pace. I just alwyas thought longs runs should be slow all of the time, however, I have really enjoyed getting to know my body and it’s limits. It’s been really cool!

6. my favorite running trail. Dowdy Draw. It is so peaceful during the week at this South Boulder trail. I like the Rez, however, it’s all “business” at the REZ. At Dowdy Draw, I lose myself in my thoughts, watching the creek running throughout the valley. I don’t focus on my heartrate or breathing. I focus on the beautiful flowers and my dogs having a great time running with me along the trail. It is truly a peaceful place in which I don’t have a fear or insecurity in the world…(no mountain lion sightings either!)

7. butterflys. yes, as you can tell, I love butterflys…pink ones. I never knew this love until Kristin came up with the idea for my race suit this year. It has been my theme. It has been my strength. It has been my inspiration. Why do you ask? Butterflies float and fly…

8. the word “fight”. yep, this word does it all for me. I love this word! Words like “believe” or “faith” do not give me inspiration. However, when I think of the word “fight”, it takes me back to when I was hit in the head, back, face, continually at IM FL and at Columbia during the swim. The word “fight” makes me angry as it jogs my memory to a place that makes me go completely inside out.

There you have it…my thoughts for today…the little things that make me tick….