Since living at Casa Fred, we haven’t been watching much television. I admit, I miss reality shows such as The Hills, Tila Tiquila, and Flavor of Love…not really:). In any case, while eating dinner with our friend Jason ast night, he asked if we had heard that millions of pounds of beef had been recalled. I didn’t know anything about it. As soon as I got home, I watched on fork lifts taking dairy cows to slaughter. The cows were so sick that they couldn’t even stand up anymore and therefore being dragged to the slaughterhouse.
Now…I’ve read FAST FOOD NATION. However, it is one thing to read about it. But…. for me, seeing it was absolutely disturbing! Even more disturbing was our own government saying that it was “normal” for cows to be “tired” and not want to move especially when they are scared. Ok….I grew up on a farm with cattle (at one time). I can assure you, that when a cow is getting slapped by an electric prod or being shoveled up by a fork lift, I can assure you that the cow is not “tired”. Give me a BREAK! Those cattle were sick! YUCK. What is wrong with our government? Seriously!?
I am an “organic” and “free range” meat eater. Michael and I only buy our meat from whole bucks or Ideal Market (in Boulder). However, this whole thing has gotten way out of hand. Why can’t our government just say, we f-d up and this slipped through the cracks. ….It will never happen again or we will be more diligent with slaughterhouses. Instead, they say to us that this is only a grade 2 issue and the meat isn’t “that” tainted….and the cows were just “tired”. Well, I don’t want to eat anymore “tired” cows. GROSS!!!!!