I finally uploaded part 1 of my pictures from Interbike…enjoy. More pics to come tomorrow!
During the past few weeks, I have been joining Bryan Rhodes on bike rides. I love riding with Bryan. We are really great friends. We met in 2003 at the Memphis in May Triathlon. I think he tried to put the moves on me, but I decided not hold it against him (I take it as a compliment) and I have since looked past that…and so has Michael:). I find Bryan very entertaining! I get a lot out our friendship. He makes me laugh like no other and he is willing to train with me. He is one of the only professional men who doesn’t have an ego and doesn’t feel the need to drop me when ever he feels like it.
We have been training quite well together. I’ve been doing a weekly ride of 100-115 miles at 20mph. I almost get sick the night before our rides as I know how hard they are going to be. I treat our training days like a race. It is after all, my race pace!
Today was really hard. The wind was blowing hard and I never thought it would stop. We rode out to Horsetooth Resevoir, hitting a few rollers. I got dropped a few times. I really suffered today. My left hammy and knee were aching. Something is still not right with my position. I felt like I had forks jabbing me under my knee cap. OUCH!
However, after all of the bitching and moaning, there is always a great sense of accomplishment. I would have never ridden that hard alone. Bryan encourages me and pushes me and I appreciate his patience and support. He is truly a great friend and great training partner for me.