I feel so lucky to live in Boulder and to have my husband, Michael, to train with. Michael inspires me everyday with his positive attitude and his kindness towards others. Michael puts things into perspective and I love that about him.
I could go on and on about how much I love him and how awesome he is, but this blog is about training and triathlon….it’s not my personal love line:)
Today started out mellow, with an easy swim (for me)this morning. Michael did a 16 miler run at the “Tank” with a few of the boys.
The plan was that after our morning training sessions, Michael and I would regroup and go out for a ride together with intervals. Today Simon would be joining us. I know the “rules” when I ride with these guys: 1. pay attention at all times. (When the guys shift, you shift. Watch for debris and dead animals.) 2. Never get too confident. (At any point in the ride either one of these guys can bury me. I never take a pull unless I’m told to.) 3. No talking until the ride is over. ( I only follow this rule because I have to. My left lung seemed to be stuck in my throat during the hard sections).
Michael’s intervals were 4 x 7 minutes. I’m not sure how fast he was supposed to go, however, I can tell you that Simon and I were going about 25-28 miles per hour during them and Michael was way ahead of us. I was completely outside of myself for 2 hours. By the end of the 2 hours, we averaged 22 mph and traveled 44 miles. Simon was an awesome riding partner today. He was so encouraging and really helped me along after Michael would drop me. Simon would drop me every so often but he would soft pedal and allow me to get back in the draft. It was great to have him out there today. After our 2 hours of intervals, Simon rode home and Michael and I rode half-way to Jamestown. Michael and I managed 3 hours of riding today and just over 60 miles. I was really encouraged as it has been a long time since I’ve been able to push myself like that. Thanks Michael and Simon!