Angie and Meredith are tough girls!
Angie arrived Saturday night from Mississppi and has been putting her head down and training like a pro the past few days!
Sunday was awesome. Angie, Meredith, and I climbed up to Jamestown on our bikes and then did some work on the flats. Angie climbed like a billy goat. She is just so strong and tough! Meredith and I rode together while Angie pushed up the mountain for 8 miles. After we arrived in town, I noticed that Meredith’s bike was making weird sounds from the front wheel. I checked it to see what may be going on and sure enough…her brake was rubbing! Poor girl! At least we figured it out within an hour of riding!
After the ride, I took the girls to the track to do some 800′s at pace. They both did a phenomenal job. By the end, Meredith was hitting 3:30′s for her 800′s and Angie was hitting 3:15′s. The workout was hard, but I didn’t here any complaints. I love it when the girls just put their heads down and work!
Monday was an easy day of light lifting, a 90 minute spin and a 75′ swim.
Today was a whole other story! The weather is crap today! The high was 42 degrees with rain mixed with snow. It didn’t deter the girls though! Meredith showed up at my house at 7:30 sharp for the 8am track workout. Angie was ready too, however, Michael was still in bed at 7:30. He thought from previous experience that Meredith would be at least 15-20 minutes late. I warned him all morning that he should get up, but he was wavering because of the rain. I guess he saw how tough the girls were and thought that he should suck it up and run too!
We ended up leaving the house at 8:30 (a whole hour later). I felt badly as I was the one who told everyone 7:30 sharp. As we arrived, the wind was howling and the rain was incessant! I went with the girls for their 30 minute warm-up. None of us were too chatty as we just wanted to get it over with. After the warm-up we went back to the car to peel clothes (or in my case put more on), switch shoes, and get ready for the 5 x 1k around the track. I saw another group (my usual run group) doing their workout and made sure that I found Eilleen. I wanted to make sure that the other group knew that Meredith is deaf. She has no hearing in her right ear, and partial hearing in her left ear, however, with the driving rain, she is unable to wear her hearing aid. Without it, she is unable to hear anything. I wanted to make sure that if she was in someones way that they knew that she wasn’t being rude by not moving.
As the rain continued to pour and the wind was seemingly unbearable, I raced back and forth trying to stay warm, cheering Angie and Meredith on. They finished their five 1000 meters and did a 5 minute cool down, as I could barely feel my fingers at this point as was just as anxious as them to get into the car. I was so proud of how tough they were in that cold, windy, rain!
We thought about going to the club for a sit in the hot tub, however, Michael’s hunger prevailed and we went to get some bagels and coffee. Poor Angie was drenched to the core and after bagels we went home to get dry, clean clothes.
After everyone warmed up, we left the comfort of home to go swim at the club with Wolfgang. Luckily for us it was a mellow swim. The swim seemed much more enjoyable than the run. Plus we had the luxury of hot tub quality time after the swim!
Tomorrow will be an easy day if it continues to rain. If it’s nice tomorrow, Angie and I will do a hard ride with Michael. Angie has done great in the altitude so far. She is staying tough and focused.
Stay tuned for more training with the girls!