Since Kerrie’s accident, Brooke arranged for each of us girls to go to GG and Kerrie’s house to bring over food, help with the girls, and walk the doggies.
Tonight was my night.

As I was on my way over (around 5:30pm), GG called to let me know that Kerrie had gone to bed. She had a long day at the doctors office and she was exhausted.

I was a little bummed as I was anxious to see Kerrie. I had some very yummy salmon, quinoa, trashy magazines, and some chocolate love waiting for the girls and GG:). While GG is taking excellent care of the girls and of Kerrie, and while he probably would be just fine without me bringing over food and such, I still think its important to help out.

Because I love Kerrie and I think the world of her, I am especially sad that this happened to her. And at this point, we girls are trying to do everything possible to help her and her family through this little rough patch.

I have talked to Kerrie a few times. Her spirits are pretty good. I’m not sure of the extent of her injuries. According to GG, her left leg is in a brace and she is using crutches. No bones are broken…which is a good thing…

Hopefully Kerrie will be back to blog land soon. She can give you details of what is going on. In the meantime, keep Kerrie in your thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery!