Our vacation in Australia has been wonderful so far. It is hard to believe that we are leaving in 3 short days!
After my race in WA, Michael and I did go sheep shearing. That was a amazing experience! Even thoguh I grew up on a farm, my family never had working dogs or sheep. Being a dog lover, I was especially fascinated with the kelpy and the boarder collie. (A Kelpy is a dog cross of a dingo and a boarder collie.) The boarder collie would go round the sheep up and then the kelpy would jump on top of the sheep and wrangle them into the corral!! And when I say jump on top of the sheep, I mean jump on the sheep backs!! It was totally cool. I even got a chance to hold a sheep by its arms and wrangle it myself!
After sheep shearing, we went to the margaret river for wine shopping as well as going to the chocolate factories and cheese factories. We don’t know when we will ever be back to Australia, (especially WA), so we are treating this trip as a once in a lifetime experience!
It was hard leaving our “home” at the Abby. We had been there for about 2 weeks and the staff had been really great to us. Leaving Bussleton was hard too because the entire town had adopted us as their own. We will never forget the kindness that the Australian people showed us, especially Michael Bray and his swimmers.
As we traveled back to Perth, Michael and I enjoyed the scenery and talked about how much fun the rest of our vacation would be! We were fortunate enough to get in touch with our friend Courtney in Perth. We drank a few bottles of our wine from the margaret river, and shared all of our adventures and experiences, only to travel once again to Sydney. This trip was especially hard! It was the red eye trip. I was so exhausted by the time that I got there, that all I wanted to do was SLEEP!! Thankfully our friends Geoff and Bev were kind enough to take us into their home and give us a place to stay for a few days. Sydney was alot of fun. We did all of the tourist stuff that we could handle in sleep deprivation! We were lucky enough to do the bridge climb (thanks Rob). This was absolutely amazing!! I thought it would be terrifying, but it was AWESOME!! You could see everything from the top of the bridge. I am so glad that we had the opportunity to do this! We did the touristy stuff and shopped at the “rocks”. We didn’t buy anything though. BUMMER:)
After our stint in Sydney, we ventured off to Byron Bay, which is where we are now. We spent the whole day yesterday relaxing and enjoying being at our cottage in the country. Tomorow we are riding horses at the beach and then going to surf school. YEAH!!!
Until next time.
Thanks for reading!