Jen, Fiona, and myself arrived in Las Vegas around 8:30am Wednesday morning. We dropped our bags off at the Palms and headed out for Interbike at the Sands Convention Center.
Vegas isn’t the sort of place that I really enjoy. It’s concrete everything, smoking everywhere, and not exactly a great place for training. In fact, I haven’t been there since graduating from college in 1995.
In any case, we girls headed to the convention center to meet my current sponsors, including SCOTT USA, Challenge Tech tires, Blue Seventy wetsuits, and FSA. I also was looking forward to talking to First Endurance and Clif Bar. And I really wanted to talk to Michael’s sponsors, including Profile and Rolf wheels as they have become not only his sponsors, but our friends.
The convention center was enormous! I was in sensory overload. I was also pretty tired from the previous training day with Bryan Rhodes. (I had swum 4500 meters then I had ridden 110 miles at 20 mph out to Horsetooth reservoir and then did a transition run of 45 minutes the day before leaving for Vegas). In conjunction with getting up at 5am Wednesday morning, my body ached and my mind wasn’t functioning properly. All of the lights and air conditioning had made me somewhat delirious. I hoped I had made sense talking to some of my sponsors as I felt like I was in the twilight zone.
Jen, Fiona, and I had a great time. We went home to talk about our plan for the next day. I was now armed with a map and I circled all of the folks that I wanted to make sure to see the next day.
Dawn and Ira from Splish made a special trip to Vegas to see me and take us out to Cirque d’ Soleil on Wednesday night. While waiting for their arrival, we girls went out for cocktails and dinner. This is where my demise started:). I had 2 glasses of wine with dinner…uh oh. I usually don’t have this much to drink. One is usually my limit….but what the hell…I was in Vegas.
Anyway, Dawn and Ira arrived at 10pm for the 10:30 show. The show was pretty amazing (from what I saw). Unfortunately, I was fighting falling asleep as I had yet another glass of wine. I should have followed Fiona’s example and had a cup of coffee!
As we arrived back at our hotel room at the Palms, Dawn and Ira checked in. Unfortunately all non-smoking rooms were unavailable. Fortunately for these guys the Palms honored their reservation with a frickin’ suite called the “PINK ROOM”. This room was insane! It had 3 bathrooms (including a stripper pole that we all tried out), a king sized bed, a living room, and a bar. I guess it had to have been 5k a night. Lucky them!
Day 2:
I awoke on day two with good intentions of running, however, my hangover encouraged me to stay in bed. Fiona was good girl and was able to go out for her 90 minute run. Jen and I ordered room service!
After check out, we hung out in Dawn and Ira’s room and talked about my new, hot swim-suits! They have just started a new custom line of splish suits that you can create yourself on I created some suits as a test a few weeks ago that Ira made and brought to me from SPLISH headquarters in California. The new fit and the styles are really HOT!
We arrived at the convention center at 1:30p. I’m so glad that we did that instead of rushing to get there at 10am. I made my rounds to all of my sponsors and some of Michael’s sponsors in a much more orderly fashion. The size of this place is GI-NORMOUS!! If you don’t have a plan, then you will get frustrated and be lost.
I found day 2 to be a lot more productive as my hangover subsided and I had my map in hand. Jen and Fiona were on their own making friends in all of the different industries. That’s what I love about those girls…they aren’t shy! Somehow they managed to find Brando and all three of them were storming the convention center!
The new stuff I liked:
Clif Bar is making a new recovery drink: Hot Chocolate…yum! I also love their new bite sized bloks that are a bit smaller than the original. They are shaped like moons.
The new sugoi line: Hip and chic!
The new Desoto line: Thank god Emilio has changed his one piece suit for 2008. The shorts on the one piece are shorter. They no-longer go down to your knees. The top portion fit is better proportioned for a woman’s body.
Dude-Girl clothes: They look great and feel great on!
Sheila Moon Athletic apparel: Cool, fun prints. Not your typical bike jersey’s. They are mesh and almost look like going-out wear.
Vision Tech aero system: I can not wait to get my hand on this! It’s sleek and aero. All test in the wind tunnel suggest that it is more aero that your typical aero drink system.
The new Scott Contessa: YES!!! They didn’t lose the pink. The new bike is white with pink. It’s light, responsive, and fast! What more could you want from a bike??
Timex (watch)-i-control for your i-pod: This thing is the coolest watch ever. It’s a watch that controls your i-pod! (Michael is so excited about this one).
Zensah: arm-warmers/coolers & knee warmers/coolers. Cool colors and seamless!
I have been totally exhausted the past few days, however, the trip to interbike was well worth it. I am totally looking forward to next year. However, I will plan a little differently concerning my workouts and my binge drinking:)
A special thanks to SPLISH for taking such good care om me and my homies!