Last weekend Michael and I went to a wedding in “the Cape”. One of my best girlfriends from college was getting married to her long time boyfriend and even though it was 3 weeks out from IM Canada, I really wanted to be there for her. We left early friday morning and arrived late that Friday night. Despite being exhausted from the commulative training the past several weeks, we rallied the best that we could, after the rehersal dinner, for cocktails. It was so awesome to see me my Canadian friend Nancy, who was a super star swimmer at the University of Tennessee. In fact she was telling me stories of how she swam masters a few years back with another triathlete…”uh… what’s her name? I think it’s Lori Bowdin:). Do you know her”? The wold of triathlon is so small.
We were so incredibly tired from all of the traveling. It was amazing how difficult it was to get up at 11am. Before we set off for our long run around Hyennis, I got a chance to see my friend, Lynne, the bride, before hair and makeup. Being a bride is the most incredible affair ever. The entire day is all about her!
Michael and I did a 13 mile loop together that morning. It was so hard. Basically, it sucked! My legs hurt and I was dehydrated from all of the drinking the night before. Plus, I was running with Michael. And he was making me run harder than I would have liked. I soldiered through it and I felt pretty good about myself afterwards. After the run, Michael and I were rushing (imagine that) to get our showers and dress atire on for the wedding. We had to make sure that we were on the first bus going out to the beach house that the wedding was being held, because I was doing the reading and I was supposed to sit in the front with the brides family. (wow, that’s a run-on sentance). In any case, we were the very first to get there and I was lucky enoguh to get my proper seat. The wedding was really beautiful as Lynne and Mark said their vows in front of all.
After the ceremony, we went to the beach club for dinner, lots of dancing and drinking. By midnight, I hit the wall hard and was set to go home. We were ambitious to think that we would go to another after party, but the truth is that we just can’t hang with these professional partiers! We hit the sack by 1am and again awoke at 11am, only to realize that we had to be out of our hotel by 11:30. Ugh! Again we rushed to get out at a late check out of 12:00.
After leaving the cape, we hung out in Boston before our 10pm departure to see some of the sites. We lugged our bags around and sat at a little cafe and did a lot of people watching! I could watch people all day long!!!!
We finally departed Logan airport and arrived back in Boulder around 1:30 am. It is so good to be home.
I think that the 2 days off from training was really good for us. Plus, it was really nice to not have to travel with a bike! Although, I am extremely tired, my muscles and joints feel rejeuvinated and I feel excited for some of my last hard workouts this week.
Stay tuned for more!