…easy answer!…Rotten Eggs!!!

I knew something wasn’t right with the fridge last night, however, Michael insisted that maybe my fingers were just cold and that he thought the fridge was just fine…

This morning, he confirmed my suspicious feelings…The fridge is on the FRITZ!! Our freezer is working perfectly, however, the fridge portion is luke warm at best. Michael is leaving town (again) tomorrow for Lake Placid. Knowing that i am totally skeeved out by potential rotten foods, we bought a mini fridge at the Home Depot. And I promptly started cleaning out some of the stinky foods that were in the broken (brand new) refrigerator. Unfortunately, I cracked some older eggs while cleaning out the darn thing…GROSS!!!
I guess the annoying part is that a repair man can’t come out until Friday. Basically, the repair man can’t give me a time that he will be here. However, he plans on calling me 30′ prior to arriving. There go my Friday plans…My new plans are awaiting the arrival of the repair man…fun…

So my BBF Richie raced last weekend in RI. I just have to say…that dude is such a stud.
I guess there were a view glitches on the course…especially with traffic. In any case, he was hit by a car during the run. Fortunately, Richie is made out of some sort of Australian rubber! He rolled across the car, breaking the windshield, fell to the ground, picked glass out of his knee, picked himself up, and ran himself into 2nd place!!! All the while, he was worried about leaving the scene of the accident. However, Richie is the sort of guy who fights tooth and nail for 2 dollars. He decided that it was worth it to risk leaving the scene. Luckily, the police officer that saw the whole thing was so impressed by Richie, that he didn’t get into trouble. Oh…and I forgot to mention…the medics were quick to come to Richie’s aid, however, they couldn’t catch him as he was in full running stride…hahaha…

I was supposed to race RI last weekend…and I really missed racing it. I’ve only raced a hand full of times this year (4x). And I am chomping at the bit!

I made the commitement to race IM Canada. And with that commitment, I have been training harder than ever. I’ve been going into races unrested. (I think St. Croix was the last race that I was fully tapered). And while I am ok with that, I am looking forward to racing again with fresh legs! I am excited to see what I can do. I feel like I have done everything right this year, however, still having a few glitches here and there.

I have come to realize that glitches are awesome! Glitches make you figure out what works and what doesn’t work. For example, a reminder that I have had a few times this year is that if I go into a race unrested, I had better take it easy after the race until at least Thursday…or else I will be in a HOLE! In contrast, if I go into a race with a nice taper, I am a frickin’ rock star right after the race…funny huh?

I have also come to realize that having a bad year(last year) was actually a blessing. Because when you have had a bad year, chances are that you did everything wrong! haha!!! Well…not really, but sort of.

I think I am really good at analyzing stuff and going over it a million and one times. I internalize everything that is important to me. I go over it and over it again and again…millions of times. Whether it’s a training day gone bad or a great race, I internalize it.

Everything that Siri, Dan, or ML tell me regarding training, I think it all over a million times. Sometimes it’s good; it fires me up. Sometimes if it doesn’t make sense, it isn’t healthy for me as it almost makes me sick. However, that is who I am. As I have come to realize that internalizing the good stuff and ignoring the stuff that pisses me off is the way to go!

This year, I took my time thinking about if I wanted to do an ironman or not…going over it almost every moment of the day until I made the decision to do it. In my heart, however, I know I made the right decision.

Different thought….
The other cool thing that I have really enjoyed is the amount of training that I have been able to do with Michael. He made the commitment to me after CDA to train with me as much as possible. We have been doing long runs and interval runs together and nice rides…although he is still recovering from IM…he is still out there being my biggest supporter and cheerleader. (He tries to coach me every now and then, but we have come to realize that it is better to pay someone else for coaching as I won’t listen to him.) Hell, I don’t even listen to my coach…However, I have come to realize that I am a SLAVE to the schedule:)…something Michael was never good at writing:)…hahaha!