ML and I are really enjoying this January weather in A-town. 78 degrees yesterday! WOW! I can really get used to this sort of weather in the winter;).

All is well in Austin. We are finally settled in our little apartment filled with lots of character. The possum traps were set yesterday and we finally had a great nights sleep. (In case I forgot to mention, we have had critters in our walls making lots of noises at night). They have been driving me and Luna crazy. However, ML and Blue dog have been seemingly fine sleeping through all of their chatter at night.

I am happy to report that our friend Todd found a TV in his garage the other day. We were hoping to get it hooked up before the inauguration, however, no such luck. It looks as though we will be going out tonight to watch it.

I had a nice little bout of food poisoning or a stomach flu which lasted a good 24 hours on Sunday. I am thinking it was food poisoning only because we had some refrigeration issues the first few days here. Plus, after being deathly ill last year with the flu, I got the flu shot this year. In any case, what ever the bug was, it help jump start my weight loss program…haha! It seems to take forever to lose those Holiday lbs!

I’ve had a nice little group of training partners, including my friends Terra and Cassie, which has been really fun. I think we are all racing the 3M half marathon this weekend. The 3M is one of my all time favorite races. Austin loves running races, running, and runners. The 3M and the Austin Marathon (in February) are perfect examples of Austin’s dedication to fitness!

Not really too much to report…just trying to keep my family and friends in the loop. (AF: ML’s hair is growing like crazy…I’m holding out til May;))