Ok…so the last three weekends have been a whirlwind, especailly for Mr. L. The whirlwind first started with Stephanie and Big Hayes’ wedding in Saluda, NC. We were home for two days before Michael had to board another plane for Timberman with his BFF Simon. Simon and ML were third and fourth repectivley. Timberman is one of the best run races in North America and I encourage any one who is looking for a half ironman in August to race this event. In fact, every race that Keith seems to put on is always a first class event!

Yesterday, after being home for another two nights, ML boarded another flight….this time to IM Canada. Unfortunately,however, while checking in, he discovered that he forgot his passport. OH NO!!!! He missed his first flight. Then I drove out to airport (in my cycling clothes as I was getting ready for a longish ride) as fast as the forrester could go to deliver the passport…He owes me..lol!
ML will be working this event. He will be doing commentating for Canadian TV and he will be working with the pro-athletes along with Heather Fuhr. (If any one understands the need of pro-athletes before a race, it’s these two folks!). Not only will ML be doing these two jobs, but he will also be working with sponsors of the races, making sure that all of their need are met.

In the mean time, between drives to the airpots, I am busy with training.
This week, I have started to integrate back into the masters workouts as Siri has been in Beijing:(. I miss her….

I have been doing some of the “Siri” swims with the girls, however, swimming is just so hard for me. And I feel like if I have a coach on deck, it gives me a little more inspiration to work hard! In the same breath, masters is hard to get excited for. There are 7-8 people in a lane in which half of the folks get out after 2500meters…not mention the other little things that are annoying…oh well…you gotta take the good with the bad!

Life has been really good lately…no drama:) which is always great. I’m happier than ever do my thing…