Week 25! Our baby is the size of a bunch of  Cauliflower.

I managed to make it through a very challenging week last week. Last Wednesday I lost my beloved whippet, Blue, who was my constant companion for 15 years. The hole in my heart has been deep and I am looking forward to forgetting his last couple of days and remembering his very full and eventful life. He was an amazing dog who inspired many of my friends to find whippets of their own. I miss him deeply and have really struggled. I just love him and I wish that dogs could live as long as us.


While last week was more than difficult, I had a lot of things to look forward to this week. I had another ultrasound on Monday. The ONLY beautiful thing about having a hematoma on my uterus is that I have monthly checkups to see how it’s healing. Lucky for me it has completely dissipated and my risk of miscarrying is minimal at this point. Michael and I were so excited to see our sweet little girl again.

Here she is:


Another positive thing about our ultrasound is that Our Doctor told us that our daughter was “pretty”.  While Michael and I agree with our doc, we were very curious why the doctor kept on saying that our daughter was such a pretty baby…after all, while her profile on the ultrasound looks a lot like Michael’s profile, all we really see is an outline of a baby. Finally Michael asked: “Why/how do you think our baby is pretty”? Our doctor said that there are three criteria that make a baby pretty in an ultrasound: 1. Healthy 2. Normal 3. Clear Ultrasound. Well…That sounds “pretty” to me too! She also stated that it was great to see a skinny mom have a healthy, normal baby weighing as much as 1.8 pounds at this point in my pregnancy. Yes, she said that I was a skinny mom…That made the rest of my day!

Besides having more confirmation that our baby is developing healthily and normally…and the fact that even the doctor says that she is pretty, I received the “go ahead” to start light activity again on my birthday. What a great birthday present! I started my birthday with a 20′ swim at the Rez.

Rez Swim

Michael and I were both happy that I was back in “action” again. For the first time this year Michael was early to the Rez swim!

I jumped into the water without even thinking about it. I seemed to forget that the last time that I swam was 11 weeks ago. I could feel my stomach stretch and I could feel the baby moving around…it felt weird and it sort of freaked me out. My stroke and swimming felt the same and luckily I didn’t feel like I was going to drown at any given time…which was refreshing!

After our swim we had a nice brekkie with Rachel and then went for a hike on the 4th of July Trail.


I like to hike this trail every year with my dogs. This is the first year that Michael could do it with me…and I loved sharing it with him.  It is usually 15 degrees cooler up there than Boulder and a perfect hike to do on a hot day! The trail is called the 4th of July trail because it is usually only open after the 4th of July.

Here are some of my favorite pictures from the hike:






After the hike, Luna and I were absolutely exhausted…



Thanks Michael for taking this extremely flattering picture. :)

Everyone asks if I have cravings or notice any symptoms. This has been a hard question to answer…Some days I am extremely hungry and I can’t stop eating…and some days I feel full and can hardly eat. Some days sweets are unappealing and fried chicken seems to hit the spot…some days a pack of M&M’s seems to hit the spot…there really isn’t a rhyme or reason to any of it.

The main symptom that I see is that I have pregnancy insomnia 5 nights out of 7. I usually wake up at 3:30am and stay awake until 6…sleep for an hour…then sleep until 7. Other than that, I feel pretty normal.

Things to look forward to in week 26 and week 27:

I leave for Baltimore tomorrow to see my family and to visit with friends. I am so excited…While there is no place more beautiful than Colorado in the summer, I look forward to getting a change of scenery and being around my family this week. After Baltimore, I am visiting with my college girlfriend in Cape Cod…can’t wait!