We only arrived home from Kona last Thursday. It is never easy coming from 88 degrees to 30 degrees. And we were lucky enough to have a few warm days (mid 60′s-low 70′s) before the first official snowstorm of the season. I wouldn’t say that I am excited about the snow, but I can tolerate it for now.

This was Sunday @The Boulder Half Marathon:

Back in bun huggers! It's running season! Thanks @brooksrunningID and @bldrrunningco. 5th @ state half champs.

This is Today:

First Snow

I knew that I should have bought that pink puffy jacket for Luna the other day…

Since my last blog update, I raced a half marathon this past weekend, I travelled to Hawaii in Ocotober, supporting my awesome husband Michael, and I raced two 70.3′s in September.

Last Sunday’s half marathon was a pleasant shock.  I was 5th place in the open race and even won a little bit of money which is more than I can say for my previous two triathlons.

I’m the girl in Pink!


I always love going back to my running roots at the end of the triathlon season.

Hawaii Never disappoints…

Here are a few pics from Hawaii. Sorry if have already seen them on Instagram or my Twitter feed.

Hawaii’s gorgeous fruit:


Basik’s Acai bowl:


ML training on the Queen K:

Cute husband riding the Queen K!


TYR House Fun

ML is finished!

Finished! Thanks for all the well wishes and cheers!

Driving up Mauna Kea in a mustang. I was scared…Ml was excited!

Driving up Mauna Kea in a Mustang

Cruisin’ around town.

Cruisin' around town...

Our 14th year in Kona didn’t disappoint. Michael had a decent race. Check out his race report!

My last two 70.3 races were very average. I would say that I put 100% into my training, but only got 80% return. Unfortunately, I would say that most of my races have gone this way this year.

There is no amount of fish oil or beet juice that is going to make me race faster (unfortunately). However, after meeting Jesse Kropelnicki, and walking with him for about 6 miles at Ironman New York in the heart of Harlem this past August, I finally felt that if anyone could help me race like I train, he was the guy.

If I look back on my ten year career, I would say that I have raced as inconsistently as one can. I never knew why…In the past I would chalk it up to GI distress, fatigue, stress, train like Tarzan, race like Jane. No one has ever been as hard on me as myself. I have had different coaches all with different approaches to try to help me figure it out. They all had different reasons why at least 50% of the time I wouldn’t race to my potential. Sadly, I eventually became OK with my 50/50 racing and I finally gave up on coaches. I started coaching myself last year and had a good final four races in 2011. I have been a triathlete a long time. I know what to do. I even coach a handful of athletes that are incredible, and they race fast!

I contacted Jesse after that walk through Harlem because I finally felt like I had met someone who was as direct and honest as me. I liked his east coast style. I like his professionalism. Plus, I like the fact that he is able to take the emotion out of planning my program that sometimes influences Michael and me when writing my program. His attention to detail is like no other. I have never had a coach call me, text me, e-mail me as much as Jesse does. Finally, I felt like I had met someone who cared about my racing as much as me.

Because of this attention and because of his knowledge and care we have finally taken the questions out and we now know why I have been so inconsistent. Sometimes it’s a hard thing to face, but thanks to Jesse and the support of my husband I finally have a plan in place…

Until next time!