I get asked all of the time if Valentine has a nickname…well, she has lots of nicknames. ML and I find ourselves calling her bunny, bunny foo foo, baby smurf, little smooch, love muffin, and even Valentina. Our pet names for her go on and on. Mostly, however, we call her Valentine. Her name fits her perfectly. Valentine means strong and healthy. At 8 months and 21.5 pounds of perfection, that is exactly what she is: Strong and Healthy.

Valentine is extremely happy. She loves other people as long as mom and dad are around. She loves her baby sitter Nancy and Nancy’s two children. She loves going to running/triathlon races and watching people, she really loves watching other children. Valentine’s favorite thing to do is to swim! After three lessons Valentine can hold her breath and is learning to float on her back. She amazes me every day with how much she learns.

Valentine has two teeth and she loves showing them off. She is now eating about 20 plus ounces of formula (I stopped breast feeding at 6.5 months), along with fruit (avocados and sweet potatoes are her favorite). We have even tried a little bit of turkey and chicken…which she LOVES. She is a big eater. Her record right now is 6 pouches of food in one sitting.

Valentine is rolling around back to front, front to back. She is trying to crawl without much luck. She puts her legs under her belly and tries to lunge forward but falls on her belly. She can’t quite pull herself up yet, possibly because she is too heavy. We are fairly certain that she will swim before she walks.

She loves to put everything into her mouth to chew. She is done with a pacifier and has no desire to use it.

Luna is incredible with her. And despite being baby handled by Valentine a couple of times, Luna loves her. She just stays clear of her which is SMART. Valentine loves Luna. When Luna is in the room, she can’t take her eyes off of her. In fact it is probably the only time that she is distracted from eating!

People ask us who we think Valentine looks like. She has Michael’s baby heft, but she looks like me and/or my brother. Her skin is fair, her eyes are blue, her hair is blond, we have the same hair line.

Valentine Valentine

I think we are both about seven months here. I am on the top, Valentine is below.

I am slowly getting back into shape. I have done a few running races. I try to run 5-6 days a week. Some weeks I run 40 miles. Some weeks I run 14 miles. I do what I can. Since I have a BAM (swim membership) membership, I try to swim at the Rez once a week. I do love to do it and to see some of my old friends. I did manage to ride my bike in our Lovato Performance Camp in Boulder last week…which I loved. I do miss all of the sweat and hard work that I used to put in, but my life is more rich and full with my daughter. Valentine is my number one always, everyday.